Saints Row: The Thrid

Enter the Dominatrix becomes part of new Saints sequel

The release of the standalone Saints Row: The Third expansion, Enter the Dominatrix, has been cancelled, and will instead form part of a new full-length Saints game.

8 years ago

Saints Row: The Thrid headlines

  • SR3: THQ extends free Saints Row 2 offer on PS3 into Europe

    THQ has announced that Europe will also benefit from a free copy of Saints Row 2 with the purchase of Saints Row: The Third. Just as in the US, you must redeem the online pass code within the next 90 days in order to receive the digital download. The game will be made available starting […]

    8 years ago
  • Quick Quotes: Volition may use Red Faction's Geomod engine for future titles

    “It’s a possibility we could use Geomod in Saints Row and, yes, we considered it [for SR3]. For Saint’s Row The Third, we decided not to do it, partially due to time reasons but also because you could make a good argument that if you had full-on destruction then it’s not a Saints Row game. […]

    8 years ago