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OnLive’s CloudLift service will let you play Steam games on any device

Onlive has launched CloudLift, a new cloud gaming service to play PC games downloaded from any digital store – starting wth Valve’s Steam – on any device.

6 years ago

Saints Row Iv headlines

  • Saints Row IV Super Saints pack adds some really tight costumes

    In the spirit of the season, Saints Row IV received a small new $3 DLC pack today, dubbed Super Saints pack, that gives you some new tight leather getups to run around virtual Steelport in, meaning you can finally match up with the outstanding things your suped-up crew likes to wear. A couple pictures after […]

    6 years ago
  • Saints Row 4 dev diary 4 shows the Shaundis arguing with each other

    We have a new Saints Row 4 dev diary, and this one is all about people being real and whatnot. I mean people in the game, including Fun Shaundi and regular Shaundi, who don’t like each other very much. See for yourself. Game is out next week.

    7 years ago
  • Saints Row 4: future tools of destruction

    Saints Row 4 is the stupidest game you’ll play this year. Phil Owen spent some of E3 punching haters in the dick and speaking to Volition’s creative director. As you do.

    7 years ago