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  • First Saints Row 2 review is an 8/10

    According to this MaxConsole piece, OXM UK has given Saints Row 2 8/10. There’s little information through there, but apparently the mag found the game funny but lacking on the multiplayer side. The game’s out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 17.

  • New Saints Row 2 movie shows acting, quality

    Want it. Please don’t be shit. There’s a video after the break of Saints Row 2’s actors talking about their VO roles on the game, and as far as we’re concerned this is starting to shape up to be a real contender. There’s nothing else like this in the final quarter and the humour, top […]

  • Saints Row 2 co-op trailer shows pirates and ninjas

    THQ’s released another excellent trailer for Saints Row 2, showing drop-in online co-op gameplay and, obviously, pirates and ninjas. It’s out on PC, PS3 and 360 on October 14. Why would you not want this? After the break.

  • Eurogamer Expo to show PoP, Mirror's Edge, LBP, Tomb Raider Underworld, Far Cry 2 and more

    Eurogamer Network just confirmed that the first Eurogamer Expo will take place on October 28-29 at the Old Truman Brewery in London and will feature many of the season’s biggest hitters. Confirmed for the event are “Street Fighter IV, Prince of Persia, Mirror’s Edge, LittleBigPlanet, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Saints Row […]

  • Actor Gary Busey does Saints Row ads

    THQ has got actor Gary Busey – probably best known for his role as FBI Agent Angelo Pappas in the all-male, sweaty, surfy, hardcore action movie, Point Break – to do a few ads promoting the upcoming, free-roaming and very violent game, Saints Row. THQ has recently announced porn star Tera Patrick‘s involved with the […]

  • Saints Row 2 Collector's Edition announced

    THQ’s announced the Saints Row 2 Collector’s Edition. It’s in the shape of a gun. Obviously. Taken from the publisher’s site: The packaging is moulded in the shape of a gun (not actually a real gun!). Inside the pack you’ll find your copy of Saints Row 2 along with all of this: 1GB Gold Bullet […]

  • Saints Row 2 to feature teabagging

    According to this piece, Saints Row 2 was shown to feature teabagging at Games Convention last week. Teabagging, obviously, is the act of repeatedly “dipping” the scrotum and testicles into the mouth of the “target,” the point of which in the game is humiliation. Quite frankly, putting your bollocks into the mouth of someone […]

  • Saints Row 2 movie shows Ronin

    We missed this last week, but there’s a new Saints Row 2 movie after the break showing the game’s Ronin gang. They came from the East, apparently. It says so at the beginning. Take a look.

  • New Saints Row screens show gangs

    IGN has them. No Tera Patrick unfortunately but newsworthy nonetheless. This batch of screenshots shows some of the gangs you’ll be up against in THQ’s Saints Row 2. Have a look. By Mike Bowden

  • News Saints Row 2 trailer has tattoos, monster trucks, heavy metal

    THQ’s put out a new Saints Row 2 trailer, and it still looks good. There’s a big man with some radical tattoos turning the streets into a “battleground,” some big guitars and some big trucks. Big guns top it off. It’s big all over. Watch it.

  • Saints Row 2 Tera Patrick promo is hilariously shameless

    THQ has excelled itself with its decision to hire porn star Tera Patrick to promote Saints Row 2, as you can see after the break. There’s a movie there consisting of the “actress” removing her blouse while talking about “extensive customisation options.” Seriously. Lots more of this to come, apparently.

  • Saints Row 2 to "offer a very difference experience" than GTA IV

    Gamespot was lucky enough enough to get some gaming time with THQ’s Saints Row 2, and has found the game to be very different from it’s obvious competitor, the free-roaming, sandbox game-space GTA IV. “While GTA IV is still the most obvious game to compare it to, Saints Row 2 is shaping up to offer […]

  • New Saints Row 2 trailer released

    On THQ’s site. There are some new shots here as well. Looks violent. The movie confirms the game for an October 14 release. Some new shots have gone up as well.

  • THQ: Saints Row 2 more "tongue in cheek" than GTA

    Speaking to investors at the William Blair & Company meeting in Chicago yesterday, THQ CEO Brian Farrell said that Saints Row 2 is more tongue in cheek than Grand Theft Auto and that it has more “silly, over the top gameplay.” “We have a very differentiated product in this open-world genre,” said Farrell. “We’re always […]

  • First hands-on with Saints Row 2 published

    On Gameplayer. This pretty much sums it up: “Saints Row 2 is not the equivalent of painful hip hop bragging. Because Saints Row 2 is super cool. You’ll probably play better games than SR2. Prettier, faster, better designed but you won’t play one that’s as straight out ace as this.” Which bodes very well. You […]

  • Janco's Hickey shows Saints Row 2 trailer the hand

    Mike Hickey from Janco Partners has turned his analytical nostrils up at THQ’s funny Saints Row 2 trailer, released last week. “The trailer directly attacks Grand Theft Auto IV in game content, an unusually pompous position in our view, considering GTA IV is estimated to be the highest grossing 1st week entertainment release of all […]

  • THQ Gamer's Day 08: Volition - "GTA and Saints Row 2 and then everybody else"

    Talking with EGTV’s Johnny Minkley at the THQ Gamer’s Day 08 in San Francisco, Volition’s Scott Philips said that GTA and Saints Row 2 will be ahead of the pack by the end of the year. “We think there is going to be two dogs at the end of this,” he said. “You’re going to […]

  • Saints Row 2 gets anti-GTA trailer, looks funny

    THQ just sent word that a new trailer for Saints Row 2‘s just gone up, which takes a less than subtle dig at the fact GTA IV may concern itself a little too much with bowling and going out with “friends”. The Volition action game, as you’ll see, features a lot of violence, flaming quad […]

  • Saints Row 2 confirmed for PC

    Good call, THQ people. Saints Row 2’s been confirmed for PC according to this BigDownload report, meaning that crime has a new home: one that isn’t inhabited by GTA IV. There’s no date for the computer version at the moment. The 360 and PS3 SKUs are out in October.

  • Saints Row 2 pushed back to work on co-op, says analyst

    Lazard Capital’s Colin Sebastian put out a note this morning saying he believes the now-confirmed Saints Row 2 slip into the back half of 2008 was made to further work on the game’s co-op aspects. “We believe the primary motivation for the shift is to enhance and improve the title’s cooperative (co-op) game-play, which is […]

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