Ryū Ga Gotoku 3

Yakuza 3 gets PSN demo tomorrow, 38/40 in Famitsu

Famitsu’s gievn Sega open-worlder Yakuza 3 a 38/40 review score.To celebrate, Sega will release a demo on the Japanese PSN tomorrow, which will weigh in at 1.22Gb. Sega has already told us that there are no plans for Yakuza 3 hitting the West any time soon.Other notable scores in this week’s mag include Halo Wars, […]

11 years ago

Ryū Ga Gotoku 3 headlines

  • Yakuza 3 to get mandatory 5Gb install

    PS3center reports that the game we’re probably never going to see over here, Yakuza 3, will have a mandatory 5Gb install.In fact, number crunchers, the exact size of the install is 5120Mb. If we’re being honest however, we couldn’t care care less if the install was twice that size, just localise the damn game for […]

    12 years ago
  • Yakuza 3 trailers and images look so good it hurts

    After the break you can see two new excellent new Ryū ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) trailers and a handful of high res images from Sega Japan.One movie features beautifully rendered cutscenes interspersed with some great looking gameplay whilst the other shows you kicking people’s heads in.The images show some more karaoke fun and some […]

    12 years ago
  • Sega: No plans for Yakuza 3 Western release

    Sega has told videogaming247 that there are still no plans to bring Japanese open-worlder, Ryū ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) to the West.We thought we’d ask after being subjected to two sets of screenshots, an excellent looking trailer, and have seen the announcement of Japanese exclusive white, dragon-themed PS3 all in the space of one […]

    12 years ago
  • More Yakuza 3 screens reveal Karaoke mini game

    Sega has released yet more Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) screenshots revealing what appears to be a Karaoke mini-game.There’s a girl standing up singing, some text on the screen and some icon prompts below it.If that doesn’t get you excited, maybe if we tell you you see our white-suited friend standing in a restaurant […]

    12 years ago
  • New Yakuza 3 trailer has got it all

    Sega has released a new Yakuza 3 trailer showing all the main characters in the game, a huge Gatling gun and some funky Japanese pop music.In case you missed them, some rather lovely high res screenshots were released last week.It’s looking like it’s coming together nicely.After the break. Thanks, Xephon1970.By Mike Bowden

    12 years ago
  • New Yakuza 3 shots show Don Quijote shop

    Eight new images have emerged from Japan showing off more of Sega’s action-adeventure game, Ryū ga Gotoku 3 aka, Yakuza 3.You can see the protagonist mooching about in what is the Don Quijote shop apparently. It all looks incredibly detailed and colourful.There are also a few posters for your perusal.Yakuza 3 is due for a […]

    12 years ago
  • White Yakuza 3 dragon PS3 for Japan only

    Japanese consumers will be treated to a rather shiny, white, dragon-embossed PS3 when Yakuza 3 goes on sale on February 26.Included in the ¥45980 (some random € number) bundle is a white 80GB machine with a single DualShock controller and a copy of the game.More pics at Kotaku.By Mike Bowden

    12 years ago
  • Report: Yakuza 3 gets Japanese date

    Famitsu’s latest edition apparently confirms that Sega’s highly popular action-adventure game, Yakuza 3, will release on Japan on February 26.The game will cost ¥7980 and has fighting and singing in it. What more could you want.Rumour for now. Thanks, PS3center.By Mike Bowden

    12 years ago