Rye Hill

Rye Hill prisoners were never allowed PS3s, says government

Looks as though someone’s crossed a few wires here. Despite a Guardian report saying prisoners at UK’s Rye Hill jail had PlayStation 3s removed due to fears they could organise a break-out with the machine’s wireless features, the Ministry for Justice has told IncGamers none of the inmates ever had access to the console in […]

12 years ago

Rye Hill headlines

  • UK prison bans PS3 thanks to "escape attempt" fear

    A British prison has banned PS3 access to its inmates as it feared the machine could be used in an escape attempt.Rye Hill prisoners were using the console’s wireless capabilities to chat to people on the outside, according to this Guardian report.“PlayStation 3 consoles are barred on the grounds that they have the capability to […]

    12 years ago