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  • Diablo 3's a "significant product," but Torchlight 2 will offer more, says Schaefer

    Diablo 3 is a “significant product,” from Blizzard, according to Runic CEO and former Blizzard man Max Schaefer, especially since it’s nearly “impossible” to meet the expectations of the Diablo community.

  • Torchlight 2 price is "as viable and as profitable" as selling a $60 box

    Torchlight 2 will run you $19.99 when it releases this week, and Runic CEO Max Schaefer said just because the it’s not retailing for $60 doesn’t mean the firm won’t make a profit.

  • Torchlight 2 will support Steam Workshop

    Torchlight 2 will not only eventually produce a set of official mod tools, it’s going to support Steam Workshop, making the promotion, acquisition and installation of these community-made delights a breeze.

  • Torchlight 2 launch trailer released

    Torchlight 2 has a launch trailer, which should get you rather excited for the game’s release on September 20. Watch below.

  • Torchlight 2 release date confirmed, playable at PAX

    Torchlight 2 has been given an official release date, courtesy of Runic Games, along with some other snippets.

  • Torchlight II has 4X the assets and playtime of Torchlight 1

    Runic president Travis Baldree has posted a blog update for Torchlight II, detailing what the studio is currently working on. While all the framework and content is in place, the firm working on polishing the game in an effort to release it in late summer as planned. To quell any trepidation fans may have regarding […]

  • Runic still shooting for a summer release of Torchlight II

    Despite Torchlight II being delayed in order to “extensively balance” the game, Runic president Travis Baldree has told Joystiq the firm is still shooting for a summer release. “The end of summer is September 25th or something like that,” said Baldree. “We’re still trying to get it done for summer. It’s a big game and […]

  • Torchlight II delayed for extensive balancing

    Writing on the Runic Games forum, founder Travis Baldree offers an explanation of why Torchlight II – once expected well before Diablo III – is taking forever and a week to actually surface. It’s a detailed breakdown which essentially boils down to “it’s hard work to balance the acts of a dungeon crawler”. Well, we […]

  • Torchlight dev wants alleged asset-copycat off the App Store

    Runic has gathered together a compelling body of evidence suggesting Armed Heroes Online developer EGLS ripped a large number of assets directly from Torchlight. EGLS’s response was a flat denial, but Runic boss Travis Baldree told PC Gamer he has no doubt regarding the alleged plagiarism and is seeking to have Armed Heroes Online removed […]

  • Schaefer - Diablo III was originally intended as an MMO

    Runic boss Max Schaefer has said Blizzard originally intended to develop Diablo III as an MMO. Speaking with, Schaefer, who was the executive producer on Diablo and Diablo II, also said he was rather pleased when he found out the studio would be implementing always-online and auction houses into the game. “[Runic] already decided […]

  • Torchlight II $20 on Steam, includes original

    Although we still don’t have a firm release date, you can pre-purchase Torchlight II on Steam right now. The $20 price tag includes a giftable copy of the original, which is still well worth playing, as well as a key to access the Neverwinter closed beta scheduled for later this yet. The dungeon crawling sequel […]

  • Runic reveals the final pet for Torchlight II - the "fearsome" Papillon

    Runic has released a video for the final pet reveal in Torchlight II. Below the break, come face-to-face with “the fearsome” Papillon, which is a digital recreation the studio’s office mascot, Falcor the dog. Still no release date, but that’s one really, cute dog.

  • Torchlight II to "ideally" launch a month after Diablo III release, says Runic CEO

    Runic Games CEO Max Schaffer has told Joystiq it wants to “ideally” release Torchlight II around a month after the release of Diablo III, but noted it won’t race Blizzard to the finish line.

  • Torchlight II pets given spotlight video, developer post

    Runic has released a video showing some of the pets available in Torchlight II. Some will look familiar to you, others are new. There’s even a blog post on the official site, which details each critter and provides a look at it’s furriness – unless of course it has feathers or scales. Looks awesome. Now […]

  • Torchlight II devs not worried by Diablo III launch date

    Runic games have posted a blog reassuring fans that their plans for Torchlight II won’t be swayed or effected by Blizzard’s announcement of a release date for Diablo III.

  • Runic CEO looks forward to the end of boxes and discs, says "Kill them with fire"

    Yeah, you tell ’em! We don’t need no stinkin’ boxes or discs! Not as long as Runic Games can continue to sell millions of copies of Torchlight digitally, right?!

  • Perfect World has been "very supportive" of Torchlight and Runic's MMO ambitions

    Runic Games co-founder and CEO Max Schaefer has said the firm chose Perfect World Entertainment as its partner for the Torchlight MMO due to the Chinese company’s experience with the genre.

  • SOPA: Firefall, Runic, Destructoid, Minecraft, Bungie decry bill

    Ahead of a US House Committee discussion on SOPA next week, Firefall studio Red 5 and Destructoid will go offline on Monday for a 24 hour period in protest.

  • Torchlight II delayed, 2012 release looks likely

    Torchlight 2 has been officially delayed, according to a post from Runic Games president Travis Baldree on the game’s official website.

  • Torchlight 2 priced, final class announced

    Runic Games has officially priced Torchlight 2 at $20, and has revealed the final class in the game as the Embermage. Previously announced classes were the Berserker, Engineer, and Outlander. Runic CEO Max Schaefer has said the price will allow everyone to “comfortably afford,” to play the game “via a LAN, or play single player […]

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