RuneScape 3

Finale to long-running Runescape quest includes player-voted content

Rise of the Red Axe, an iterated questline in Runescape, is now reaching its conclusion in Birthright of the Dwarves, and Jagex says the finale includes “some story content, rewards, activates, and enemies” that players in the Runescape community designed/voted on in a competition earlier this year. Birthright is subscriber-only, and is out now.

RuneScape 3 headlines

  • RuneScape players accumulate one million years worth of gameplay, other stats

    RuneScape 3 launched last month, and to help celebrate the third iteration along with the MMO turning 13 years old in January 2014, Jagex as sent over an infographic detailing some rather impressive stats for the franchise.

  • RuneScape 3 launches -MMORPG now available in HMTL5

    RuneScape 3, the HTML5 version of the once Java-based MMORPG, is live.

  • RuneScape 3 will launch in Spanish

    Jagex wants to do right by its Latin American fans, and has announced that RuneScape 3 will launch in Spanish when it comes to Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela – among other territories. The localised release comes courtesy of axeso5, which will also provide support and community events. The Spanish-language announce follows on […]

  • Runescape 3 will launch around the end of the month

    Runescape 3 will launch around the end of the month, Jagex has announced.

  • RuneScape 3: colour your world

    More than a decade on from its launch as one of the first browser-based MMOs, RuneScape is heading for big changes. Dave Owen checks in with the apparently immortal “Netflix of gaming” as it prepares to ditch Java.

  • Runescape headed to tablets and maybe Smart TVs

    Jagex has even bigger plans for its long-running browser-based MMO beyond the upcoming launch of Runescape 3, including branching out to other platforms.

  • RuneScape 3 announced, launching this summer

    RuneScape 3 has been announced by Jagex, and according to Massively, it seems to be building on RuneScape 2 instead of being released as something entirely new. Players will be able to log into the game with existing accounts, keep their avatars, and will run a bit faster thanks to its HTML5 engine and web […]