Rune Factory

Rune Factory 4 Special coming to Switch

A remastered version of 2013’s Rune Factory 4 is coming to Nintendo Switch this year.

2 years ago

Rune Factory headlines

  • Forbidden Magna is a simulation RPG in the works with Rune Factory team

    Forbidden Magna is the title of the 3DS game Marvelous AQL started teasing last week. According to Famitsu, it’s a simulation RPG in development with the Rune Factory team. In the game, the protagonist Lux is out to discover the “truth of the world” after meeting up with a spirit. Other characters revealed were Diana, […]

    7 years ago
  • Natsume promises "unannounced" PS3/Wii title for E3

    Natsume is currently getting ready for next month’s E3, and while we’re already familiar with most of the games on show, a “highly-anticipated unannounced title” will also be found in the booth.

    10 years ago