Sudden Strike 4’s launch trailer shows off the series’ latest take on World War 2

Sudden Strike 4 has snuck up on us with appropriate suddenness, with the game now available on PC and PS4.

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    We have 10 Steam keys for new 4X strategy game Endless Space 2 to give away.

  • Dawn of War 3 guide: tips for best units, elites, factions and more

    Dawn of War 3: best units, elites, factions, abilities Real-time strategy titles are not typically easy to adapt to, especially for newcomers to the genre. Dawn of War III, proves this point with aplomb; its implementation of certain MOBA ideals and its focus on delivering factions that are incredible in their diversity of available actions, […]

  • Dawn of War 3 review: a worthy RTS for the modern era

    Classic RTS with little bit of MOBA brings the Dawn of War series up to date.

  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 - playing Eldar, Ork & Space Marine factions off against each other

    We take the three factions to battle, and speak to game director Philippe Boulle about single and multiplayer balance.

  • Cities Skylines for Xbox One to finally be shown off next month

    18 months after Gamescom tease. Plus Paradox to show new multiplayer RTS for PC at GDC.

  • Ride a white horse in the latest Total War: Attila trailer

    The newest installment in the Total War series is a much more brutal affair, with players facing off against the deadliest Hun who ever lived: Attila himself. Based in the Dark Ages, where disease and war are rampant, Total War: Attila aims to take players on a tour of the apocalypse in the steppes of […]

  • Uber Entertainment turn to Kickstarter for Planetary Annihilation project

    The team behind Monday Night Combat aim to bring RTS games to a new generation.

  • Pachter: RTS is for the PC hardcore

    Speaking on the latest version of GameTrailers show Pach Attack, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Patcher has said that he believes RTS games will never be as popular on consoles as they are on the PC.

  • Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943 English demo available

    Battlefront.com and 1C Company released a playable English demo for Theatre of War 2: Afrika 1943 this morning. FileFront has it. It includes one tutorial mission to get you acquainted to the command and control of your units, as well as one full mission, The Battle of Sidi Bou Zid which takes place in early […]

  • Stormrise "Verticality" trailer demos line of sight command

    A new trailer for Stormrise, released today, demos the strategic line of sight command, and tips on how to use your environment as an advantage. It shows helicopters, more laser beam weapons, environment destruction and a flying serpent-looking thingie. Sega and Creative Assembly’s RTS is out next month for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Hit […]

  • Stalin vs. Martians trailer is the strangest thing ever

    If you aren’t familiar with Mezmer Games’ upcoming Stalin vs. Martians, then the trailer posted after the break should give you an idea what to expect if the title doesn’t. Seriously. We don’t know what to say about it. Developed by the Russian firm Black Wing Foundation, the RTS features a self-explanatory storyline with gameplay […]

  • Empire: Total War launch trailer looks epic

    Creative Assembly has released the launch trailer for Empire: Total War. Lots of red and blue coats shooting at each other, cannon fire, dead horses on the battlefield, naval warfare. Looks lovely for the RTS crowd, and it’s out now, both at retail and on Steam. Watch the trailer after the jump.

  • DirectX 10 and Vista required for Stormrise PC

    Looks like if you want to play Stormrise on PC you better get an upgrade if you already haven’t: apparently the RTS will be one of the first to require both DirectX 10 and Vista. “Stormrise has been designed for DirectX 10 and Vista only right from the start,” said Stormrise lead designer Artem Kulakov, […]

  • BattleForge beta opens the doors

    Phenomic has flung open the doors to the beta for upcoming card-based RTS game, BattleForge. Game’s live March 26, and for participating in the beta, you get a upgraded Firedancer card as reward. Can’t say fairer than that. Here’s how. Go to the site, download the client, create an EA account (unless you already have […]

  • Stormrise trailer gives you a taste of the action

    Creative Assembly’s released a new video for post-apocalyptic RTS game Stormrise, this time showing how to control spider/crab beast thingies as you do your warry stuff. Nifty. Watch the trailer below. It’s out next month for PC, 360 and PS3.

  • Creative Assembly: Fighting piracy with staggered releases is "pointless"

    Creative Assembly’s communications manager, Vispi Bhoptihas, has said that trying to fight priacy is “pointless”. Speaking to Videogamer.com regarding upcoming RTS Stormrise, Bhoptihas said that releasing a PC title later than its console version is no way to combat the problem. “That’s pointless,” he said. “If people are going to pirate a game they’re going […]

  • World in Conflict: Soviet Assault trailer details RTS expansion

    Ubisoft has released a new trailer of Massive’s World in Conflict: Soviet Assault. Watch it after the break. Played from the Soviet perspective of World in Conflict’s fictional Hot War, the game offers six new single-player missions along with eight new multiplayer maps. Like Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Soviet Assault allows you to call in reinforcements […]

  • Dawn of War 2 patch to be released after launch

    Extensive patch notes are through the link, but it mainly boils down to new multiplayer maps and bug fixes. The Dawn Of War 2 community site says the update is currently in testing at Microsoft and should be released within a few days of launch. Bad things? Leaderboards and player stats will be reset when […]

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