Ross Gowing

GRID 2 multiplayer gameplay shows streets and track

GRID 2’s multiplayer is pretty damn exciting. VG247’s Sam Clay recently got some solid hands on with a preview build and has returned with footage for you lovely viewers. Gameplay galore inside.

8 years ago

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  • GRID 2 multiplayer: giving racing lines the finger

    GRID 2 developer Codemasters speaks with VG247’s Dave Cook about its separate multiplayer campaign, squeezing everything out of current-gen tech, and the studio’s future.

    8 years ago
  • GRID 2 single player lasts 30 hours-plus, says Codemasters

    GRID 2 developer Codemasters has confirmed that its single player campaign is currently clocking in at over 30 hours to full completion during internal testing. The studio has told VG247 that it wanted to buck the trend of weak six-hour campaigns in the market today.

    8 years ago