Ron Eagle

SCEA on Last Guardian E3 no show: “timing” wasn’t right

Want to know why The Last Guardian was a no-show during Sony’s E3 media briefing last night? Hit the break.

11 years ago

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    Following last night’s post from Ron Eagle claiming Killzone 2 was delayed by SCEA for purely scheduling reasons, we remembered that SCEE president David Reeves gave us a different story when we spoke to him at the recent PlayStation Day in London.Reeves told us that while scheduling had been a factor, the game’s development period […]

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  • SCEA management decision delayed Killzone 2

    Posting on the official US PlayStation boards, SCEA’s Ron Eagle has confirmed that Killzone 2 was pushed back into February next year because of PS3 shooter overload this Christmas.“Just wanted to add a quick reply on the ‘delay’ of Killzone 2 to Feb 2009,” he said.“To be clear, there is nothing wrong or causing a […]

    13 years ago