Ron Carmel

World of Goo creator talks about his time at ‘machine’-like EA

World of Goo creator Ron Carmel has discussed the creation of his game, the early days of his development career, his time spent at EA Pogo, and weighs up working within a large publisher against being an independent coder. No prizes for guessing which he prefers.

8 years ago

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    Double Fine’s Tim Schafer believes console manufacturers should pay heed to the report 2D Boy’s Ron Carmel complied last year regarding the loss of independent developers on Xbox Live.

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  • GDC: 2DBoy details how to succeed as an indie

    2DBoy’s Ron Carmel has just given a GDC talk on how to succeed as an independent game creator. It can be summed up as follows, according to Destructoid:1. Make a good game. 2. Get press by emailing indie-friendly outlets like Destructoid, Penny Arcade, RockPaperShotgun, or Destructoid to get exposure for your game. 3. Establish a […]

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