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PSA: L.A. Noire DLC Nicholson Electroplating now available

Rockstar has released the L.A. Noire DLC case Nicholson Electroplating for PSN and XBL.

10 years ago

Rockstar Pass headlines

  • Trailer for L.A. Noire DLC Nicholson Electroplating released

    Rockstar has released a new trailer for the upcoming L.A. Noire DLC case, “Nicholson Electroplating”, along with some interesting facts on it.

    10 years ago
  • Rockstar Pass discount extended into next week

    Rockstar’s announced that it’s extended the discount for its Rockstar Pass into next week. The deal will enable users who haven’t done so to buy the pass, which will allow you to download DLC of LA Noire for free instead of buying them separately without the pass, for a discounted price of $9.99 or 800 […]

    10 years ago
  • Rockstar Pass video shows off the new DLC initiative

    Rockstar has released a video for its Rockstar Pass initiative where players can pre-order DLC, and get access to all seven of L.A. Noire’s paid DLC.

    10 years ago
  • Rockstar Pass goes live, future LA Noire DLC detailed

    Rockstar’s quietly launched the Rockstar Pass onto Xbox Live Marketplace, but has dropped more details on it and upcoming DLC for the Team Bondi thriller as promised.

    10 years ago
  • L.A. Noire DLC and Rockstar Pass details coming next week

    Rockstar has announced that next week, more information regarding the release of the retail exclusive pre-order cases and content, along with details on new cases for L.A. Noire along with information pertaining to the mysterious Rockstar Pass will be revealed. Yeah, it’s an “announcement of an announcement”, but it should give you something to look […]

    10 years ago