Rockstar New England

Rockstar resume mentions work on “next version of a famous IP”

A senior graphics engineer at Rockstar New England has noted on his resume that he is currently at work on the “next version of a famous IP” now that GTA 5 is out the door. While more than vague, its suggests the “next version” in the Red Dead franchise, or possibly Bully, notes Superannuation, which […]

7 years ago

Rockstar New England headlines

  • Max Payne 3 features in new EDGE - multiplay confirmed

    EDGE has featured Max Payne 3 on its latest issue following the game’s first new screens in two years last week, confirming all new info as well as online multiplayer.

    10 years ago
  • Rumour: Lay-offs hit Rockstar New England

    Kotaku’s rumouring that Rockstar New England’s “entire QA department” has been laid off, along with some other staffer from different departments.Rockstar apparently wants QA kept to a central studio.Estimates are that “at least 10 percent of the studio” was made redundant.Rockstar New England was rebranded from Mad Doc Software after being acquired in February last […]

    12 years ago