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Foundation devs show off medieval city-building masterclass

PAX Digital x EGX Digital has kicked off in style, and if Sid Meier giving an in-depth discussion of his career isn’t enough for you, how about a city-building masterclass in Foundation from the folks over at Polymorph Games?

4 months ago

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  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun records 2.1 million UB in March

    PC blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun has announced an ABC audit readership figure of 2.15 million unique browsers in March 2012.

    9 years ago
  • SOPA blackout: JAW, Oddworld, RPS, Gama, SavyGamer protest

    Oddworld developer Just Add Water and the Oddworld website, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Gamasutra and SavyGamer have all blacked out in protest to SOPA this morning.

    9 years ago
  • Quintin Smith leaves Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun writer Quintin Smith has announced he will be leaving the site effectively as of today. Smith says he’s leaving the site to pursue “ordinary freelancing.” Smith became full-time one-fourth of the RPS massive after Kieron Gillen left games journalism back in October of last year.All the best, dude.

    10 years ago
  • Kieron Gillen leaves games journalism

    Rock Paper Shotgun writer Kieron Gillen has announced he’s left full-time games journalism after 15 years.

    10 years ago
  • Games let you commit "violations of international law," says human rights groups

    In a recent report just released, via the BBC, two human rights organisations has accused videogames of letting you commit “violations of international law.The groups Trial and Pro Juventute carried out the study, and played games like Call of Duty 4, 24: The Game, Far Cry 2 and Metal Gear Solid, to name a few.The […]

    11 years ago