Harley Quinn DLC could be heading to Batman Arkham City

PS3Trophies has dug up some interesting information on a fourth bit of DLC for Batman Arkahm City. If correct, it looks as though players will be treated to some Harley Quinn content which includes a playable Robin – previously a pre-order incentive.

9 years ago

Robin headlines

  • Batman: Arkham City's Robin is cooler than anticipated

    “Robin?” you scoff. “That red-and-green clad child! Such a meagre bonus does not sway my choice of retailer for Batman: Arkham City.”Son, the DC universe is a lot cooler outside of that Adam West live action series. Come in and have a look at the Boy Wonder.

    10 years ago
  • Best Buy mentions playable Robin for Batman: Arkham City

    US retailer Best Buy has outed Robin as a playable character for two challenge maps in Batman: Arkham City. The listing appeared in a blurry photo at first, but was then spotted online in a listing which has since been pulled. Robin was spotted for the Arkham Asylum sequel as early as last March.Game’s out […]

    10 years ago