Battlefield Hardline: check out Precinct 7, the Robbery DLC’s biggest map

Let’s take a look at the final map from Battlefield Hardline’s Robbery DLC, called Precinct 7.

5 years ago

Robbery headlines

  • EVE Online player steals 374 billion ISK, gives it all away

    An EVE Online player, going by the name of Curzon Dax, apparently earned 374 billion ISK game currency from in-game investors and then ran off with the funds.

    11 years ago
  • Two women held at gunpoint for Wii

    Not so great. Two Kansas City women have been held at gunpoint by two men in their home, who were apparently looking for money and drugs. When they realised they’d broken into the wrong house, they stole a Wii instead. Good work, robber people.“The masked men held Robinson and her cousin at gunpoint,” said this […]

    13 years ago