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  • Rob Bowling talks day-to-day life at Infinity Ward

    In his second video diary, Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling talks about day-to-day life at the Call of Duty developer. He also says “fuck” a lot. There’s a lot of stuff at the beginning about what game’s he’s playing at the moment and it’s 17 minutes long, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. After the […]

  • Rob Bowling does the Penthouse Pets "thing"

    At least he’s not wearing a white dressing gown. Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling can be seen in this video in bed at GDC with two very bored-looking women saying the following: “suck balls” (three times) and “smooth, good-feeling fun”. Watch his thumbs. Also, watch the blonde woman staring into space at the end. Living the […]

  • PS3 CoD4 Variety Pack is region-locked

    From FourZeroTwo: Heads up for international users purchasing the Variety Map Pack for the PS3. The Variety Map Pack is Region Locked, which means that you MUST purchase the version of the map pack which is compatible with the version of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game disc that you have. For example: […]

  • Inifinity Ward's Rob Bowling: "I can get GTA IV by Friday"

    Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling reckons he can get GTA IV early. “I’m hyped about GTA,” he said, speaking in his first video blog. “GTA’s coming out next week, actually, but I talked to a contact today and hopefully I can get it by Friday. That’d be cool.” GTA IV, as you most definitely know by […]

  • CoD4 PS3 Variety Pack dated for US and Europe

    According to Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling, the PS3 version of the Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack has now passed Sony certification and has a solid release date for both the US and Europe. “I have some great PS3 news for everyone! We have hammered out the details for the upcoming DLC and will […]

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