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Tales of Vesperia not coming to the Wii, says voice actor

Did all you Wii fanboys wee yourself just a little bit when you seen that Tales of Vesperia was coming to the Wii?May want to clean yourself up there, Radiohead. It ain’t happening, says the voice actor who started the whole furlong.Rikiya Koyama, who said it was coming to the Wii, revealed he had his […]

11 years ago

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  • Rumor: Tales of Vesperia coming to Wii, per the Duke

    Japanese voice actor Rikiya Koyama has leaked the possibility of Namco-Bandai porting Tales of Vesperia to Wii.“Tales of Vesperia is coming out on one thing after another: Xbox 360, then PS3, and now upcoming, goes on sale even on the Wii,” he wrote on his blog.“More shortly, the feature film anime version is also opening […]

    11 years ago