Hyperdimension Neptunia Re; Birth 2 gets typically ridiculous trailer

Hyperdimension Neptunia is ridiculous. The whole series is ridiculous. The Vita remake of the second game, Re; Birth 2, is ridiculous. This trailer for it is ridiculous. It’s kind of ridiculous that it will probably come west. Developer Compile Hearts is, I strongly suspect, ridiculous. Come through the break, shake your head, and leave a […]

7 years ago

Ridiculous headlines

  • Spore doesn't support MacBooks made before 2007

    We’ll put this down to being “unfortunate.” According to this GhostRazor story, Spore will only run on MacBooks made post-2007.Before then, Apple was making Macbooks with the GMA 950 graphics card embedded, after which it was upgraded to the GMA X3100.Spore explicitly does not support the GMA 950 on OSX: the best part of all […]

    13 years ago