Richard Leadbetter

Leadbetter takes EG tech ed role

Rich Leadbetter’s Eurogamer’s new technology editor, the company’s announced.The Digital Foundry founder is a games editorial veteran, having worked on CVG, Mean Machines and many other UK games brands.“Digital Foundry’s embedded presence on Eurogamer is a brilliant opportunity to exploit everything I’ve learned from 19 years working in the games business,” said Leadbetter.Gratz, etc. PR […]

11 years ago

Richard Leadbetter headlines

  • Leadbetter: PS3 Ghostbusters "simply isn't good enough"

    DF’s Richard Leadbetter has called out Terminal Reality on the PS3 version of Ghostbuster’s saying the greatly reduced resolution over the 360 game “simply isn’t good enough”.The game’s PS3 version runs at 960×540, while the 360 SKU hits 1280×720.From Eurogamer’s latest face-off:My response to that is pretty straightforward. First of all, PS3 Ghostbusters is rendering […]

    12 years ago
  • Digital Foundry blog merges into Eurogamer

    The “new” Digital Foundry blog has just launched on Eurogamer, adding HD video to the UK-based site.The tech site, run by long-standing games industry media chap Richard Leadbetter, focuses on console technology and video-related coverage.“It’s been a long time coming, but finally the Digital Foundry tech blog has been humanely re-homed and is ready to […]

    12 years ago