Richard Gaywood

Gay gamer sites respond the Xbox Live bannings

Following Microsoft clamping down on the word “gay” in GamerTags, a couple of gay gaming sites have offered a mixed response to the issue.“I’ve taken a few deep breathes, run this story over in my mind again and again and yet still return to the same annoying factor,” said LesbianGamers. “Why does ‘gay’ automatically equate […]

13 years ago

Richard Gaywood headlines

  • Microsoft explains Gaywood GamerTag ban

    Microsoft’s explained why it banned a man from using his surname as a GamerTag on Xbox Live. As reported yesterday, Richard Gaywood – GamerTag RichardGaywood – had his named blocked on the service as included the word “gay”.“We want the Xbox LIVE community to have the freedom to express themselves, but we also have a […]

    13 years ago