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  • Garriott suing NCsoft for $24 million

    Richard Garriott’s suing NCsoft for $24 million, according to this Kotaku report. The ex-Tabula Rasa frontman filed his action with a Texas court yesterday, apparently. Garriott’s claiming fraud. However it falls, this is unlikely to be pleasant. More through there.

  • The Apocalypse is nigh for Tabula Rasa

    Tabula Rasa will be going offline forever come tomorrow, and NCsoft plans for the MMO to go out with a bang. Word has it that alien race the Neph has discovered wormhole technology and are invading with “wave after wave of Bane troops without rest or respite.” If you’ve got an account, log on. Make […]

  • Jay Mohr lightens up DICE by roasting guests

    Comedian Jay Mohr was the host of this year’s AIAS awards, and what better way to get the crowd warmed than by making fun of some of the most prominent people there? Here are just a couple of them: Cliff Belinski:  (Dropping the “y” from his name to be more adult): “That worked well for […]

  • Tabula Rasa shutting down on February 28

    Not a massive shock, but sad nonetheless: NCsoft’s confirmed that sci-fi MMO Richard Garriot’s Tabula Rasa will stop for good on February 28, 2009. Here’s the statement in full, taken from the official site: To the Tabula Rasa Community, Last November we launched what we hoped would be a ground breaking sci-fi MMO. In many […]

  • NCsoft profits plummet 50% in last quarter

    NCsoft’s reported a profit drop of 50 percent for the quarter ending September 30, down to to 5.0 billion won ($3.7 million) on sales of 78.3 billion won ($58.0 million). Tabula Rasa only accounted for 2 percent of the cash, or 1.76 billion Korean won ($1.3 million), in the period. Richard Garriott confirmed last night […]

  • Richard Garriott lost in space, quits NCsoft

    Richard Garriott’s confirmed he’s to leave NCsoft in an open letter. The developer, fresh back from his trip into space, said the experience had “sparked some new interests that I would like to devote my time and resources to. As such, I am leaving NCsoft to pursue those interests.” The letter, in full, is after […]

  • Garriott goes into space

    As reported by the BBC, Richard Garriott blasted off in the Soyuz TMA-13 spacecraft in Kazakhstan yesterday and is now in space. He’ll be on the International Space Station for the next ten days. Garriott paid £15 million for the trip, and is only the sixth civilian to ever go into orbit. More through the […]

  • Watch Richard Garriott go ballistic on October 12

    Want to watch Richard Garriott blast off on his cosmonaut space mission and become the sixth civilian to ever go into space? Why would you not? This page gives you all the details on how to see the launch live on October 12. You could watch three video streams at once, should you feel the […]

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