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  • Resistance 3 beta participant releases 10 minutes of raw footage

    A YouTube user has uploaded more than 10 minutes of raw Resistance 3 Beta footage and it features guns, Chimera and lots of action. The player in the video doesn’t look as though he’s a veteran Resistance 3 player as he is mostly seen firing blindly rather than at enemies. The video’s rather fun to […]

  • Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 confirmed for Eurogamer Expo

    Playable builds of Playstation 3 heavyweights Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 have been confirmed for Eurogamer Expo 2011.

  • Videos for Resistance 3 Comic-Con panel and Global Resistance released

    Sony has released a video from Comic-Con, which contains highlights from the Resistance 3 panel featuring creative director Marcus Smith, art director Grant Hollis, animation director Kevin Grow, as well as voice actors Robin Atkin Downes and Crispin Freeman.

  • Resistance 3 multiplayer beta to kick off in early August

    Insomniac confirmed at ComicCon overnight that it’s to begin the open multiplayer beta of Resistance 3 in the opening week of August. That’s two weeks from now. The beta will be available to those who bought SOCOM 4 in the US or if you’re a PS Plus member in Europe. The full game is out […]

  • Resistance 3 Survivor Edition trailered

    Sony has trailered the Survivor Edition for Resistance 3, so you will want nothing more than to hand the store clerk your wallet and be done with it.

  • BBFC rates Resistance 3, God of War Collection Vol. II

    Sony hasn’t said much regarding its God of War: Origins collection since E3, but today the BBFC has listed the collection, which includes Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta, and a God of War documentary. Called the God of War Collection Volume II, which is likely its European title. It is, of course, rated 18 and was classified […]

  • Another 30 minute Resistance 3 video

    You’ve already seen half an hour of Resistance 3 – but you want more. Who can blame you? IGN‘s gone and posted its own thirty minute preview in three convenient chunks. See them all through the break. Resistance 3 is due exclusively on PlayStation 3 in early September.

  • Resistance 3 gets half-hour video

    G4‘s released a half-hour video of Resistance 3, showing the first level of the game in Haven. A bit of the level was shown back near the start of the year, but now you can see it even more in-depth. Watch it below the break. Resistance 3 launches in the US on September 6 and […]

  • “Full Circle” developer diary released for Resistance 3

    Insomniac’s James Stevenson has posted the latest developer diary for Resistance 3 over on the PS Blog, and in it, the team talks about bringing back classic Resistance: Fall of Man gameplay “like the weapon wheel.” Resistance 3 launches on September 6 in the US and September 9 in the UK for PS3. Check out […]

  • I’m on a boat: Hands-on with Resistance 3′s SP demo

    The Chimera have won. Humanity is all but dead. Joseph Capelli is its final hope. Johnny Cullen plays through the single-player demo of Insomniac shooter Resistance 3. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t finished Resistance 2.

  • BBFC: Resistance 3 to include three PS3 demos

    The BBFC’s rated Resistance 3 – an 18, so you know – with the rating on its website showing that it’ll come with three demos: 2D and 3D demos of Killzone 3, inFamous 2 and Motorstorm Apocalypse. For R3 itself, it has nearly 90 minutes worth of cut-scenes throughout the game, with no cuts made […]

  • Sony confirms "network pass program" PSN Pass for PS3

    Sony’s confirmed to VG247 that it’ll introduce PSN Pass, a “network pass program,” beginning with the release of Resistance 3.

  • Rumour – Resistance 3 to require online pass

    An unverified pack shot image has surfaced suggesting Resistance 3 multiplayer will require a online pass.

  • Resistance 3 has nerfed the Auger

    Insomniac is hoping to encourage strategic play in Resistance 3, as opposed to the last entry’s popular “use the Auger” approach.

  • Resistance 3 developer diary introduces the enemy

    The first Resistance 3 developer diary went over pretty well, apparently, so here’s a second one focussing on enemy and AI. Get to know your Chimeric foes before you off them, eh? Check it out through the break. Resistance 3 launches exclusively on PlayStation 3 in September.

  • Insomniac releases the first in a series of Resistance 3 developer diaries

    Insomniac has released the first in a series of developer diaries for Resistance 3 focusing on various elements and a wide range of topics regarding the game.

  • Resistance 3 E3 demo, screens and fact sheet released

    Insomniac has released a video of Resistance 3 E3 2011 demo, so you can check out all the action even if you missed the Sony presser. Plus, official screens.

  • Sony 3D monitor and glasses announced - now with images

    Sony announced during its E3 press event that due to the more than 100 3D games on PlayStation, the firm plans to release two new 3D hardware products: a PlayStation branded 3D monitor and glasses, all of which will be available in a bundle with Resistance 3.

  • Resistance 3 E3 trailer gets you pumped

    GTTV’s released an exclusive trailer for Insomniac’s upcoming shooter: Resistance 3 and it explores the story of the game.

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