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  • Resistance 2 launches in the US

    Resistance 2 has released in the States, with Insomniac’s Ted Price claiming the game will be the best shooter of the year. “Not only did we set out to create a game that offered the most content for shooter fans in 2008, we also wanted to produce the best overall first-person shooter in 2008,” he […]

  • Resistance 2 TV spot shows people being stupid

    The final Resistance 2 TV ad has released in the US, showing American citizens throwing pieces of wood at aliens with ray guns. Hello there: you would shit your knickers and run like a baby if you got pew-pewed at by a seven-foot thing with a rifle. Sorry, but you would. After the break. The […]

  • Ted Price attending US Resistance 2 launch event in San Francisco

    The US PS Blog brings word that Insomniac boss Ted Price himself will be in attendance at the midnight opening of the Metreon in San Francisco for the launch of Resistance 2 next week, as will members of the firm’s community team. There’ll be swag, signing at photos. It does not get better than that. […]

  • Confirmed: Resistance 2 will launch on November 28

    SCEE has just confirmed to VG247 that a release date for Resistance 2 circulated this morning is correct. “Resistance 2 will be launching in the UK on November 28,” said a rep. The game’s date has been the subject of rumour this month, but worry no longer: you’ll be able to have yellow eyes and […]

  • Resistance 2 out on November 28, says ThreeSpeech

    And off we go again. According to a November release schedule published on ThreeSpeech, Resistance 2 is to ship on November 28. MCV claimed the same earlier this month but Sony denied the date was official. Just checking with Sony now. The new list’s below: PS3 Buzz Quiz TV Special Edition – October 31 LittleBigPlanet […]

  • IGN posts first Resistance 2 review

    IGN’s posted the first online review of Insomniac’s Resistance 2, awarding the game a more than respectable 9.5/10. The official PS mag’s already given it 9/10. From the site: Resistance 2 is one of those games that manages to expand on its predecessor in every way. The single player is epic in scope and in […]

  • SCEA details US Resistance 2 beta dates

    SCEA’s outlined some info on what transpires to be a short-lived multiplayer beta for Resistance 2 in the US, telling that the tester will be switched off next week. From the US PS Blog: [Registration’s now closed. If you didn’t make it] USA Today will be distributing (hundreds of) codes on their site beginning next […]

  • OPM gives Resistance 2 9/10

    Update: Gears 2 got 9/10 from OXM UK today, in case you missed it. According to this post on the EU PS boards, the latest issue of UK’s OPM carried a 9/10 review score for Resistance 2. According to Metacritic, this is the world’s first rating for the Insomniac shooter. BioShock got 10 in the […]

  • Pre-order Resistance 2 from GameStation, has beta

    As you can see here, GameStation’s now offering instant multiplayer beta access to Resistance 2 in return for a pre-order. The offer’s UK-only and keys are limited, so get on it if you care.

  • Resistance 2: Direct-feed footage from the beta

    After the break. It’s an edited montage from three levels, both co-op and competitive. Very nice quality, thanks to Mr Rich. Take a look. Game’s out next month.

  • Get a Resistance 2 beta key from IGN right now

    European readers can get a Resistance 2 beta key from IGN if they’re quick – get over there right now. The site’s got 7,000 keys, 2,000 of which are reserved for Founder’s Club subscribers. More through there.

  • Resistance 2 beta delayed

    Sony has told IGN that the Resistance 2 beta has been delayed meaning the offer we told you about earlier will not be going ahead. There is no reason given other than “unforseen circumstances.” Which is a shame. By Mike Bowden

  • IGN handing out Resistance 2 beta kets

    Update: PSU is giving some away too. IGN is reporting that as of today it will be handing beta keys for the Insomniac sequel, Resistance 2. You’ll have to be a member of Comrade, which is something to do with Gamespy, we think. Anyway, if you’re going bananas for this sort of thing you’ll find […]

  • New Resistance trailer shows shooting, bumped graphics

    After the break. Unless our memory’s leaking, this does look significantly “better” than the first game in terms of visuals. And you get to shoot a giant monster thing in the face, which has to be good. See for yourself. No date yet for Europe.

  • American Resistance 2 beta gets underway, game goes gold

    As reported by the US PS Blog, the Resistance 2 beta has now started, available only to those who pre-ordered the game through GameStop or subscribe to Qore. In addition, SCEA’s confirmed that the game is complete. From the post: The Beta will include competitive maps from three locations in the game. These maps include […]

  • Resistance 2 dated for November 28 in Europe

    SCEE’s just put dates on most of its fourth quarter line-up for all PS platforms, and has finally confirmed Resistance 2 for a November 28 release. From MCV: PlayStation 3 LittleBigPlanet – October 24th Siren Blood Curse – October 31st Buzz! Quiz TV Special Edition – October 31st Motorstorm: Pacific Rift – November 14th SingStar […]

  • Bleszinski: Gears to Resistance is "apples to oranges"

    Gears of War design boss Cliff Bleszinski, speaking to Das Gamer, has refused to be drawn on comparisons between Gears 2 and Resistance 2, saying the two are completely separate entities. “When you break it down and look at each game, it’s largely apples to oranges,” he said. The designer added, however, that he keeps […]

  • Resistance 2 beta to start next week?

    Dpad’s reporting that Play’s sent out emails to Resistance 2 pre-orderers saying the game’s beta’s to go live next Friday. No confirmation yet, but we’ll know soon enough from the sound of it.

  • Sony accepting sign-ups for Resistance 2 public beta

    By way of super-secret PlayStation Underground email, Sony has put out a call for Chimera-hating, multiplayer-loving beta testers. Simply go here, sign-in with your PSN account, and F5 your inbox until Sony drops you a line. Registration will only be available for “a very limited time,” but we already signed up, so there’s nothing for […]

  • 10 more new Resistance 2 movies posted

    On Joystiq. That’s more Resistance 2 than you can shake a stick at. There’s loads of stuff there, including co-op, multiplayer, and so on. Watch away.

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