Reset developers say they aren’t making an “Art Game”

The debut trailer for Reset was beautiful, but it’s more than skin deep.

Reset headlines

  • Reset's debut teaser is utterly gorgeous

    Graphics nerds, prepare to preach. This teaser trailer for Theory Interactive’s Reset is like sex for your eyeballs.

  • GRID rank reset "fairest solution," says Codemasters

    Codemasters has responded to a complaint this morning that all ranks and lap times for Race Driver: GRID have been reset by the firm, saying that, like nuking from orbit, it was the only way to be sure. “Given the number of reports we’ve had of people abusing the ranking system to get unfair ranks, […]

  • GRID rank reset draws racer ire

    As you can see from this post on the Codemasters forums, the firms decision to reset Race Driver: GRID users’ ranks as well as leaderboard times with a recent patch isn’t going down well with some. Apparently there’s been some cheating going on, which may account for the decision, but for one gamer at least, […]