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  • Remedy - next-gen a "quantum leap" over current consoles

    Remedy’s working on an unannounced project for next-gen systems, according to the firm’s head of franchise development, Oskari Hakkinen.

  • Latest Death Rally video explains how to prepare for the onslaught

    Death Rally arrives this week on PC via Steam, and to get you pumped, Remedy has released Part 3 of the “How Do You Prepare” video series. Hint: you’re not prepared. At least we’re not. Players will be able to play in in career and multiplayer modes, and if you’re not the PC type, it’s […]

  • Death Rally comes to Steam on August 3

    Remedy has announced Death Rally will release on PC August 3. The iOS title has been revamped for the system, as have the cameras and controls. A host of new features have been added, as well as a new track called Savo. Better yet: Shadow Man from the the 1996 original is back as well. […]

  • Max Payne 3 issue 2 out June 12

    Rockstar Newswire heralds the imminent arrival of the next issue of the Max Payne 3 comic; Hoboken Blues releases on June 12. the comic mini-series was written by Rockstar’s written by Dan Houser and Remedy’s Sam Lake, and covers events from throughout the franchise’s timeline, including Payne’s past.

  • Remedy registers

    The force is getting stronger with this one: Remedy’s registered, as spotted here.

  • Death Rally downloaded 10 million times, sees 100 million play sessions

    Remedy has announced Death Rally has been downloaded 10 million times through the App Store and has seen 100 million play sessions since releasing in March. “We’re thrilled at Death Rally’s numbers. 10 million downloads and 100 million play sessions is a great milestone,” said Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne. “We can only smile when we […]

  • PSA: Alan Wake's American Nightmare launching on Steam tonight

    In case you need a reminder, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare launches on Steam tonight at 6pm BST. A GoG version will also be available. You can still pre-order it on Steam right now and be eligible for a 10% discount, or even a 15% discount if you bought the original Wake earlier this year. And […]

  • Never-before-seen concept art from Alan Wake American Nightmare released

    Remedy has released a batch of never-before-seen concept art from Alan Wake American Nightmare to celebrate the game’s impending release on PC. We’ve posted the lot for you below. The game lands on Steam and GOG May 22.

  • Alan Wake American Nightmare lands on Steam, GOG May 22

    Alan Wake American Nightmare will be releases on Steam May 22 and is now available for pre-order and is 10% off. If you own the original game, you can get it for 15% off. The game was first outed as coming to the service back in April. You can also grab the game off GOG […]

  • Alan Wake hits GoG

    Alan Wake’s landed on GoG. The PC version of the Remedy thriller and its DLC is available to get on the CD Projekt-owned marketplace for $15 until next Tuesday. Go nuts.

  • First Max Payne 3 comic available for free in digital form

    The first issue of Max Payne: After the Fall is now available for free online. The comic was written by Rockstar’s Dan Houser in collaboration with Sam Lake of original developer Remedy, and over the three issue arc, will examine Max Payne’s past and touch on events from all three games. You can grab it […]

  • Remedy: World of Alan Wake "rather empty" to work as open world

    Remedy has said Alan Wake’s universe was “rather empty” to work as an open world game as originally planned.

  • Rockstar took Max Payne's past "very seriously" for Marvel comic line

    Rockstar and Remedy teamed up to ensure the Max Payne 3 Marvel comic series stayed true to Max Payne’s character and canon.

  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare pops up on Steam registry

    The Steam registry has shown Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, indicating a PC version of the XBLA spin-off is inbound.

  • Max Payne Mobile dropping on Wednesday for iOS, Android version dropping April 26

    Rockstar’s announced the iOS version of Max Payne Mobile, an optimised version of the first game, will launch this Wednesday. An Android version of the Remedy action title comes out two weeks later on April 26. The game was announced for mobile devices last year alongside the re-announcement of Max Payne 3.

  • Remedy: 20 new positions opening up "within the next few months"

    It looks as though Remedy Entertainment’s getting ready to start ramping up development on its unannounced project, as it’s starting a hiring spree. According to a job listing on the official website, the firm is targeting “world-class talent” future generation console game development. The first batch of position will go live as soon as March […]

  • Alan Wake CE competition: Here are your winners

    Did you become Alan Wake? No, you didn’t. But did you win a collector’s edition of the Remedy thriller? Find out inside.

  • Alan Wake: Follow and win a PC collector's edition!

    Here’s the skinny: Alan Wake’s awesome. Some of you have probably jumped on the Wake-shaped boat already, but if you haven’t, today’s your lucky day.

  • Alan Wake hits 2 million, confirms Remedy

    Alan Wake has hit 2 million units since its 2010 Xbox 360 launch and its recent PC release, Remedy franchise boss Oskari Hakkinen has confirmed to CVG.

  • Legacy Interactive to publish Alan Wake PC in US

    Alan Wake PC will be published in the US by Legacy Interactive, it has announced today.

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