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  • Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena releasing on PSN next week

    More Arc the Lad games are going to hit PSN soon.

  • Catherine to release on February 17

    Atlus announced that adult adventure Catherine, the first HD game from the Persona team, will be releasing on February 17 in Japan next year for PS3 and 360, priced at ¥7,329.

  • Rumour: 3DS to launch next March in the UK

    VG247 has learned this morning that Nintendo is telling UK publishers 3DS will release in Britain next March.

  • North America cuts in Vanquish release line, gets it on October 19

    Oh come on, North America. Are you really gonna be that guy? Europe and Japan got their places fair and square, and then they blink, and suddenly you’re up front – acting like you’ve been there the whole time? But then, we suppose it’s not too surprising. After all, if Vanquish is “targeted toward Western […]

  • Rumour: 3DS set for December launch

    3DS could be set for a December launch, in a move to emulate that of the Wii.

  • Ninety Nine Nights 2 gets official NA release date

    Does the idea of beating up earth’s entire population five times over in the span of five minutes have your money practically leaping out of your wallet and into a nearby cash register? Would you like nothing more than to do so while wearing a impractically tiny chainmail bikini? Well then, you kind of scare […]

  • Splinter Cell: Conviction release date set in stone

    We think Ubisoft means business this time. Instead of simply sending over a press release – or hell, even a snazzy piece of parchment – the publisher’s etched the date “4.13.10” into a rock. An actual, honest-to-goodness rock. Do we really need to say anything more?

  • DSi XL hits Europe on March 5 [Update]

    Nintendo confirmed a European release date for DSi XL this morning, saying the territory would get the over-sized handheld in wine red and dark brown.

  • International version of FFXIII could definitely be out by April 2010, says Square Enix

    But it might not even make that date. Why? Because – even though Square Enix’s Yoichi Wada said during a recent financial briefing that the game’s on track to complete its localization before the end of Square Enix’s current financial year – development’s not the only factor influencing the game’s release date. While he didn’t […]

  • Final Fantasy XIII NA release date reveal nearly upon us?

    Siliconera sends word of a casting call for an upcoming Final Fantasy XIII ad that, among other things, will dramatically unveil the game’s North American release date. The ad, which is getting off the ground at LA-based ad agency Liz Paulson Casting, will end with a camera pan and a release date, according to the […]

  • NA retailers list MW2 Xbox 360 bundle for November 10

    According to listings on Amazon and Costco, the big, bad 250GB Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 bundle is making its craterous impact on November 10. And hey, so is Modern Warfare 2! Isn’t that a nice coinkydink? These same listings, however, make no mention of component cables, leaving this boastfully Modern bundle woefully behind the […]

  • Dark Void landing on shelves in January

    Originally set to go head-to-head with Halo: ODST on September 22, Dark Void was recently delayed into the game-munching, er, void that is “Q1 2010.” Now, though, it’s got a release date: January. North Americans can expect the high-flying shooter on January 12, while Europeans will have to wait a few days until January 15. […]

  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma II brutalizes North American PS3s this September

    Ryu Hayabusa may not be much into that whole “stealth” thing that’s got all the other ninjas talking these days, but that hasn’t kept him from sneaking onto the tail-end of September. Ninja Gaiden Sigma II is actually launching first in North America on September 29, and then in Japan on October 1, reports Kotaku. […]

  • Forza 3 gets North American release date

    Forza Motorsport 3 has decided to try its luck in the godless (and gameless) wasteland that is the 2009 holiday season — at least, in North America. The game’s coming on October 27, Shacknews reports. We’ve put in an email asking about a European release date, and will let you know as soon as we […]

  • Bionic Commando PC gets US release date

    Capcom just clarified yesterday’s news that Bionic Commando would release for PC on July 17, saying the US version will, in fact, hit on July 28. The previous date was European. Here’s the tweet, if you don’t believe us.

  • 1 vs 100 gets European dates [Update]

    Microsoft just confirmed via Twitter that 1 vs 100 will launch in he UK on July 10. French and German versions of 360’s TV-style quiz show will release on July 12. More soon, apparently. Update – Here we go. The UK and German sites are now live. There’s info there on the respective betas.

  • Assassin's Creed II gets November 20 date for UK [Update]

    Ubisoft just confirmed that Assassin’s Creed II will release on November 20 in the UK. The game was fixed for a November 17 US date at E3 last week. Game of the Year? Unless something goes badly wrong, it looks as though it may well be one of them. Update – Britain’s getting a special […]

  • Mass Effect 2 coming January 2010, says marketing [Update]

    Mass Effect 2 marketing on Eurogamer has included a January 2010 release date for the RPG. The detail is expected to be formally announced in the EA press conference at 2.00pm PST today. Previously, the BioWare game was pegged for an “early” 2010 ship. Not any more. Update: EA’s just told us that the Eurogamer […]

  • The Conduit hits Europe on June 26

    Sega’s confirmed via The Conduit’s official site that the Wii shooter will launch in Europe on June 26. It was pinned for a June 23 US release earlier this week. Thanks, NintendoEverything.

  • inFamous release brought forward to May

    Sony’s confirmed that inFamous will release at the end of May in the US, not in June as originally planned. The superly heroic Sucker Punch open-worlder will hit on May 26, with a preceding demo planned for May 21. No news on the European date as yet. More through there.

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