Refer A Friend

Microsoft launches new Refer-a-Friend promotion on Xbox Live

Microsoft has launched a Refer-a-Friend on Xbox Live, which allows Gold members to earn tokens towards one of four rewards.

10 years ago

Refer A Friend headlines

  • Refer-a-Friend to Warhammer Online, get an exclusive mount

    Mythic has announced that an exclusive griffon or manticore mount can be yours if you refer six players to Warhammer Online through the recruit-a-friend program.Other referral goodie include non-combat hounds, free game time, and special items that grant additional XP allowing you to temporarily raise a friend’s level to within two of your own.Sure sounds […]

    12 years ago
  • Refer friends to LotRO, get Amazon vouchers

    Codemasters has launched a “Refer a Friend” programme for Lord of the Rings Online, giving you Amazon vouchers if you press gang people you know into spending what remains of their sorry lives in a virtual Middle Earth.Visit this page and enter your friends’ email addresses to send them a personal invitation to a 14-day […]

    12 years ago