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Far Cry 4 devs matching Red Cross donations up to $100K to aid Nepal earthquake victims

Far Cry 4 developer Ubisoft Montreal will match any pledges made to The Red Cross up to $100,000 to aid Nepal after the 7.8 earthquake struck the area in and around Kathmandu in Nepal.

6 years ago

Red Cross headlines

  • Red Cross calls on industry to make players accountable for war crimes

    Given the increasing realism of video games, the International Committee of Red Cross has asked the games industry to implement in-game punishments for depicted acts in violation of international laws of war.

    8 years ago
  • PSN Japan tsunami appeal brings in over £1 million

    Sony’s announced that it has risen just under ¥130 million (£1.01 million) thanks to the PlayStation Network appeal in the aftermath of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan. £260,955 was raised in the US, while those in Europe gave £538,122: the last count was at £466,000 for the PAL regions last month. Asian countries bar […]

    10 years ago
  • European PSN raises £466,000 for Red Cross JP tsunami relief

    Sony has announced that European PSN members managed to donate £466,000 for the Red Cross’s Japanese tsunami relief. In a letter on the EU PS Blog, the Red Cross thanked users for donating money – the exact sum being £466,465.60 – via the PlayStation Store to the charity following the terrible events in the country […]

    10 years ago