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  • Red Alert 3 movie - Watch Gemma pout

    Gemma Atkinson in her uniform. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Other actors shouting about the “Commies,” crushing the Empire and whatnot. To be honest, the whole thing looks like a ton of fun. After the break.

  • SecuROM to be used on Red Alert 3

    EA’s confirmed that SecuROM copy protection is to be used on Red Alert 3, despite the fact Spore’s been hammered by complaints about the system. The settings aren’t going to be as stringent this time round though, said an EA staffer in this forum post. – We will authenticate your game online when you install […]

  • Pre-order Red Alert 3, turn yourself into a bear in WAR

    This is obvious. EA’s announced that those pre-ordering strategy sequel Red Alert 3 will get an exclusive helmet for use in WAR that allows your character to turn into a bear. There’s not really a huge amount more to say. Other than “what?” More on Massively.

  • Americans: Pre-order Red Alert 3, get Red Alert 2 free

    EA’s announced pre-order incentives for Red Alert 3 today, the best part of which is that you get Red Alert 2 free with your purchase. It looks as though the offer’s only open to Americans, unfortunately, but if you do happen to live in the Land of the Free, buying from Gamestop, the EA Store […]

  • GC08: Red Alert 3 co-op demo video

    11 minutes of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 strategy action from Games Convention in Leipzig. It’s Friday, you don’t even want to be working anyway, so grab a coffee and have a look. No Jenny McCarthy, unfortunately. Oh well. The video’s down below. By Mike Bowden

  • New Red Alert 3 footage comes out of GC

    After the link. There’s no denying the quality here, and EA was heavy on the RA3 announcements this morning. It’s a big deal. Watch the movie to see why.

  • Gemma Atkinson RA3 theme on Live now

    According to this Eurogamer piece, you can now download a Gemma Atkinson theme for your 360 now. For a meagre 150 MS Points, you can have the Red Alert 3 starlet draped over your blades forever and a day. Oddly, she’s dressed in a flimsy white thing, which bears no relation whatsoever to the game […]

  • Gemma Atkinson is touched up in Red Alert 3 to "bring out her beauty even more"

    Ex-Hollyoaks lady Gemma Atkinson is being “touched up” for Red Alert 3, as you can see in this BBC behind the scenes look at the game’s development at EA LA. “Right now I’m doing a little colour correcting to bring out [Gemma’s] beauty even more,” said the game’s visual effects supervisor. The Gemma bit’s at […]

  • Gemma Atkinson Red Alert 3 wallpapers released

    On CVG. We could write words, but we won’t. The poor love appears to have lost her trousers.

  • Gemma Atkinson confirmed for Red Alert 3 appearance

    Ex-Hollyoaks woman Gemma Atkinson is to appear in Red Alert 3 as Lt Eva McKenna. So there you are. “I’m a gamer and the chance to act in one of the best loved videogames was an opportunity I was really keen to explore – especially as Eva is such a strong female character,” said Atkinson […]

  • Red Alert 3 system specs rumoured

    Strategy Informer‘s running what looks to be a solid set of system specs for upcoming RTS Red Alert 3, saying the detail’s come from EA. Here’s what you’re going to need: OS – Windows XP / Vista (32-Bit) Processor – XP: 2.0 GHz (Intel Pentium 4; AMD Athlon 2000+; Multiple Cores) / Vista: 2.2 GHz […]

  • New Red Alert 3 screens do the do‘s got some new shots of Red Alert 3, which are always good for a laugh. Little cars, lightning, things on legs: it’s the game that’s got it all. Unless you own a PS3. Take a look.

  • New Red Alert 3 trailer reveals Rising Sun

    A new trailer for Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 has surfaced over at Gamespot, showing the units from The Empire of the Rising Sun faction. EA’s strategy title will be released this autumn for PC and Xbox 360. Loads more Red Alert 3 gumph here. By Mike Bowden

  • 20 new Red Alert 3 shots released

    Pro-Gamers has posted 20 new screens from “Alerte Rouge 3,” and very nice the RTS looks too. We wouldn’t like to be going up against StarCraft II later this year, but there we are. Take a look.

  • New Red Alert 3 screens released

    On Gamespot. PS3 version withstanding, Red Alert 3 is heading into a great Christmas RTS face-off with Blizzard’s StarCraft II, so strategy fans should face an embarrassment of riches later this year. Take a look.

  • Confirmed: EA puts Red Alert 3 PS3 on hold

    EA’s just confirmed to videogaming247 that Red Alert PS3 has definitely been put on hold. A PR rep issued the following statement: “We can confirm that the development of Red Alert 3 for PS3 has been put on hold. EA LA is focusing resources on development for PC and Xbox 360 which will ship simultaneously […]

  • Red Alert PS3 cancelled?

    PSU is reporting that according to its GameStop source, EA has removed Command and Conquer: Red Alert PS3 from their release list. Apparently the game’s community development manager has told the site the he “can’t speak of the PS3 version right now.” The PlayStation SKU was recently rumoured to be running into problems after it […]

  • EA releases 15-minute video of Red Alert 3 gameplay

    EA’s put out a video of 15 minutes of proper Red Alert 3 gameplay, and it’s all looking very nice but a bit standard, thankyouverymuch. The core “fun” and “accessibility” stuff is there in spades, but we have to admit that we’re not quite as turned on for this as we were after the first […]

  • Amazing Red Alert 3 trailer released

    “Wow”. After the link. The RTS sequel releases at the end of this year for PC, 360 and PS3. Stunning stuff.

  • Red Alert beta access bundled with C&C3 pack

    According to this, access to the beta for anticipated strategy update Red Alert 3 will be bundled with a C&C3 Collection pack in the US. The pack contains 45 single-player missions from C&C3, apparently, and loads of other stuff. It sounds like its the only way you’re going to get on the RA3 beta as […]

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