Record Breaker

The Force Unleashed fasted selling Star Wars game ever

Guess what, young padawans? The Force Unleashed sold over 5.7 million copies worldwide across all platforms since its September release, making it the fastest selling Star Wars title in the franchise’s history.It hit the 1.5 million mark worldwide in its first week, and all signs point to the fact that it’s a very popular game.More info, […]

12 years ago

Record Breaker headlines

  • Wii sells half a million units in record breaking time – in Australia

    The Wii may very well be a fad, but did the Pet Rock* sell half a million units in a mere 84 weeks in Australia? Because according to Gamespot, that’s exactly what Nintendo’s waggle-powered console managed to do.This positively smashes the record held by Sony’s PS2 and Nintendo’s DS, both of which hit the half-million […]

    13 years ago