Recession Gaming

Private funding for games companies is down 60%

Games Investor Consulting’s Nick Gibson has said that the games industry is not recession proof after all, and MMOs may be the way to go.Gibson reports that private funding for games companies declined 60 percent in 2008 and into this year, and in 2007, investment was down 70 percent. Due to the current economic climate […]

12 years ago

Recession Gaming headlines

  • Video: Jaffe, Gerstmann and Pachter talk gaming in the recession

    During GDC, David Jaffe, Jeff Gerstmann, and Michael Pachter sat down with GameTrailers TV to talk about gaming in the recession. Watch the discussion after the break.In it, Jaffe’s weighs in on the used game market, Gerstmann’s talks about OnLive, and Pachter’s looks into his crystal ball for the coming year.It is definitely worth the […]

    12 years ago