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Raven’s Cry delayed yet again, but it’s coming to more formats

Raven’s Cry, the vengeful pirate game being published by TopWare Interactive, has once again been delayed on PC – but by only a month.

6 years ago

Reality Pump headlines

  • Raven's Cry provided with October release date

    Raven’s Cry has been provided with a release date by TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump.

    7 years ago
  • Raven’s Cry release moved to May 2014

    Raven’s Cry, the Reality Pump action-adventure game set in the Caribbean, has been moved into 2014. According to head of development Tadeusz Zuber, the extra time will allow Reality Pump the opportunity to “create our very own image of the Caribbean and piracy, far removed from all the family idylls.” The game was originally in […]

    7 years ago
  • Two Worlds II Royal Edition hits US retail

    The extra-special Royal Edition of Two Worlds II has finally arrived at US retail after a delay of several weeks.

    10 years ago
  • Report: TopWare interactive accused of PR manipulation

    Destructoid has compiled evidence alleging Two Worlds II publisher TopWare Interactive has made multiple attempts to influence review scores and game rankings.

    10 years ago
  • Two Worlds II second developer diary shows off menus and magic

    It’s not as boring as it sounds, really; Two Worlds II is a complex game and whacking a scary UI on it would be insta-death. The latest developer diary from TopWare takes us through the surprisingly friendly menu system and then blows some stuff up with magic. Can’t argue with that.

    10 years ago
  • ESRB: Two Worlds II features bondage and buttocks

    The North American ratings body ESRB has completed their assessment of Two Worlds II, describing the RPG as including NPCs who protest their dismemberment, indirect references to prostitution, and a pair of “seductively” exposed buttocks.The full blurb is below.

    10 years ago
  • Two Worlds II delayed into January 2011 for "heavyweight" QA

    Two Worlds II has been delayed again, this time into January 2011.

    10 years ago
  • Two Worlds II delayed until October 5 in US

    Two Worlds II was slated to launch the same day as Halo: Reach in the US. It wasn’t.Apparently, it has been delayed until October 5.

    10 years ago
  • Two Worlds II debut trailer features swords, grimacing

    Reality Pump’s second Two Worlds RPG’s looking pretty sassy in its first trailer, as you can see below.

    11 years ago
  • Two Worlds II slated for winter release on consoles, PC, Mac

    Topware and Reality Pump announced today that Two Worlds II will be released this winter for Mac, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.The game takes place two years after the events of the first entry in the series, and puts you once again in the land of Antaloor.Apparently, the developers have used a new engine which […]

    12 years ago
  • Two Worlds sequel announced for autumn 2008

    SouthPeak’s announced Two Worlds: The Temptation, a sequel to the original Two Worlds. Apparently undeterred by the fact the first game was universally panned, the publisher will release the RPG this autumn.“Our entire development team is now putting their all into making Two Worlds: The Temptation a game that is far and away better than […]

    13 years ago