Rebellion buys Razorworks

Rebellion’s bought UK developer Razorworks, the firm’s announced.The 30-strong studio’s best know for its work on Empire’s Ford Racing series.“We’ve been keeping our eye on Razorworks since we bought Strangelight from Empire Interactive in 2006,” said Rebellion boss Jason Kingsley. “We heard some very good things about the set-up, the team and their approach, which […]

13 years ago

Razorworks headlines

  • Empire drops internal studio to save $3 million

    According to this GI report, Silverstar Holdings is to drop 30 percent of Empire’s in order to improve efficiencies and save around $3 million per year.The majority of jobs will go along with the sale of internal studio Razorworks, which Empire purchased in 2000.The company also plans to relocate the Empire headquarters and shuffle a […]

    13 years ago