Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run now available on Windows Phone

Regardless of your phone format of choice, there’s no excuse not to have Ubisoft’s much-praised Rayman Jungle Run installed; it’s even made its way to Windows Phone 8. Grab it for just $3. The popular runner was recently updated with 20 new levels, including boss battles – for free. Thanks, Joystiq.

Rayman Jungle Run headlines

  • Rayman Jungle Run updated with 20 new stages

    Another free update for Rayman Jungle Run has rolled out, this time offering 20 new stages, including two outings in Land of the Livid Dead, a pirate ship, and a boss pursuit level. Check out a tariler through the break.

  • Rayman Jungle Run named Game of the Year on the App Store

    Apple has named Rayman Jungle Run as Game of the Year on the App Store in the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, Australia. Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and Pasta Games, Rayman Jungle Run was recently expanded with a free containing new features and environments. It is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch […]

  • Rayman Jungle Run update includes 10 free levels, new gameplay elements

    Ubisoft has released an update for Rayman Jungle Run for iOS, and it will be made available tomorrow on Android. The update includes 10 free levels including The Land of the Livid Dead, new interactive elements, the ability to slide on water and more. New character and costumes can also be purchased separately for 69p […]

  • Rayman Jungle Run launch trailer crosses the finish line late

    Rayman Jungle Run hit iOS yesterday, but that hasn’t stopped Ubisoft’s official launch trailer from coughing and spluttering slowly over the finishing line a day later. The game is great fun by the way, check it out below.

  • Rayman Jungle Run out on iOS & Android now

    Rayman Jungle Run is Ubisoft’s iOS take on the brutal treasure dash stages from last year’s superb platformer Rayman Origins. Check out new screens, download links and price details below.

  • Rayman Jungle Run sprinting to iOS in September, watch the trailer here

    Rayman likes to run, as anyone who has played Rayman Origins’ brutal treasure chest dash stages will tell you. The concept has now been turned into an iOS game, Rayman Jungle Run, which has been revealed by Ubisoft today.