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PlayStation UK boss Maguire leaves after 17 years

Sony’s just confirmed that SCE UK head Ray Maguire is to leave the company after a 17-year career.

Ray Maguire headlines

  • LittleBigPlanet educational DLC incoming

    SCE Europe senior vice president Ray Maguire has outed an upcoming LittleBigPlanet content pack for use in the classroom.

  • SCE UK encouraging schools to bring on board game design course

    SCE UK boss Ray Maguire has encouraged that videogame design courses should be presented in schools as a viable career choice.

  • GT5: The world is still interested, says SCE UK boss

    Ahead of the series’s anticipated fifth title and its launch worldwide tomorrow, SCE UK boss Ray Maguire has told EG that, while gaming tastes and technology may have evolved, the world is still keen on Gran Turismo.

  • Sony officially confirms LOVEFiLM PS3 partnership

    Sony’s officially confirmed UK rental service LOVEFiLM is coming to PS3.

  • SCE UK boss not expecting massive day one Move success

    SCEE SVP, Ray Maguire, has told Eurogamer he doesn’t “particularly” expect a huge day one success story for PlayStation Move.

  • Activision and Sony to re-think UK industry support

    Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has warned that the company will cease to invest in the UK should the government fail to provide incentives or tax relief to the games industry.

  • Sony UK boss says he's "not too fussed" about comments from competitors

    Sony UK boss Ray Maguire has said that he is very “pleased” with Sony’s first-party titles, and that he is not “too fussed about the competitive bits or people’s comments” regarding such matters.

  • Activison chats to the "big three" about digital distribution

    Activision’s Andrew Brown has quizzed Microsoft’s Neil Thompson, Sony’s Ray Maguire and Nintendo’s David Yarnton over on MCV on when digitally distributed titles will overtake boxed products.

  • Sony hails "fantastic" BAFTA win for LittleBigPlanet

    UK bossman for PlayStation Ray Maguire has told GI how “fantastic” the BAFTA win for LittleBigPlanet is. Maguire was speaking at the Children’s BAFTAs last night in London, saying: “It’s absolutely fantastic. “LittleBigPlanet is one of those games that comes along and it’s absolutely unique. It’s unique in the way it’s formed, it’s unique in […]

  • SCEE expresses "serious concerns" over Watchdog report accuracy

    SCE UK boss Ray Maguire has expressed “serious concerns” about a Watchdog program airing tonight in the UK, which takes on PS3 hardware failures. “From [our] correspondence to date, I have serious concerns as to the accuracy of these allegations and the likely tone of the Watchdog report,” said Maguire in a six-page letter you […]

  • Sony to focus more energy on PSP, says Maguire

    UK PS boss Ray Maguire has told GI that PSP install base has grown to 50 million globally, and while the system had been under-supported in the past, that is all about to change. “It was slightly under-supported, mainly because a lot of the energy was going into stuff we’re doing for PlayStation 3. There […]

  • PS3 passes 2 million, PSP over 3 million in the UK

    UK PS boss Ray Maguire’s told GI that more than 2 million PS3s have now been sold in Britain. The exec also confirmed that PSP has gone beyond the 3 million mark in the UK. “If you look at the RRP that we’ve had out there for 2 million units, and compare it to PlayStation […]

  • PS3 has "radical functionality," says Maguire

    Speaking to GI, SCE UK boss Ray Maguire has said PlayStation 3 has “radical” functionality. So much so, in fact, that Sony spannered its initial marketing for the machine by focusing on other stuff rather than, you know, games. “When we first started – because all the functionality was radical – we talked about that […]

  • Maguire claims competitors are waning, best is to come from PS3

    Speaking to GI, UK SCE boss Ray Maguire has claimed that PS3’s on the ascendancy while certain competing formats… aren’t. “We might take a bit longer sometimes to bring a product to market, but when we do, we bring you the most powerful gaming platform ever to hit – and it will be something that […]

  • Sony: Devs will lead on PS3, remove functionality for weaker processors

    Speaking with Videogamer, Sony UK boss Ray Maguire has said that due to PlayStation 3’s ever-increasing install base, it now seems logical that developers will lead on PS3 and downgrade games to tailor for consoles with weaker processors. “I think we now have an install base which is big enough for any third party to […]

  • Sony: LBP delay was about "respect"

    PS UK boss Ray Maguire’s told Videogamer that LittleBigPlanet was delayed out of “respect”. We like to think he said “innit” as well. “I just think it’s about respect,” he said. “We weren’t to know that a product that’s been in the marketplace since 2006 by a Grammy award-winning artist would have this kind of […]

  • Maguire gets claws out on DLC: "Nothing is ever exclusive"

    SCE UK boss Ray Maguire has dropped the biggest hint yet that 360-exclusive DLC – stage whisper left: GTA IV – may merely be timed and will eventually end up on PS3. “One thing to remember: nothing is ever exclusive,” he told Videogamer in London this week. “Things get wrapped up for a period of […]

  • Sony: No PS3 price cut - we've got a business to run

    Speaking to Videogamer.com in London yesterday, PS UK boss Ray Maguire said that pressure for a PS3 price cut is obvious, but that Sony’s got to take care of business first and foremost. “The pressure comes from the consumers, obviously, and so therefore there’s always pressure on price, but you know we have a business […]

  • Next BAFTA awards confimed for March 10, 2009

    BAFTA just confirmed its next games awards show, to take place at the Park Lane Hilton on March 10 next year. Sony bigwig and awards chairman Ray Maguire said, “After extensive industry consultation, it was agreed that March would be the best time for the Awards, enabling the industry to enter all the major releases […]

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