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  • Wolverine demo landing on PS3 and 360 tomorrow

    A demo for X-Men Origins: Wolverine is hitting PS3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow. Raven’s Dan Vondrak dropped the news while recording a guest spot on Gamertag Radio. That’s not all. We also have another video for you. You got a look at the first 11 minutes of direct-feed gameplay for Wolverine earlier, now check out […]

  • In-game Singularity movies show time-manipulation, environments

    Raven’s released two proper gameplay movies from upcoming shooter Singularity, showing how the game’s ageing mechanic can be used to manipulate environments and kill enemies. Get them after the break. You can regrow trees to create barriers and make young men so old they die. It all looks very swish, if you ask us. The […]

  • Singularity to be exactly the same for PC, PS3 and 360

    Raven’s Singularity is to be deliver the same experience across all formats, Raven’s told VG247, thanks to the developer’s cross-platform experience and the use of Unreal Engine 3 for the game. “We are developing across the X360/PS3/PC simultaneously,” said the title’s creative director, Jon Zuk. “Each platform has challenges, but you’ll get the same experience […]

  • Singularity has age control, not time travel

    Bet you all thought Raven’s Singularity was just going to be “another” time-travelling shooter, didn’t you? Not so. The nuclearafied Cold War FPS allows you to control the age of objects, not the flow of time. We know because we asked. See: VG247: The whole “time-control” mechanic is pretty well-worn now. How will Singularity freshen […]

  • Hugh Jackman took "really cold showers" to get into Wolverine game role

    A Raven rep, speaking at GDC, told VG247 that Hugh Jackman really got into his Wolverine role while doing voiceovers for X-Men Origins. “You should have seen him,” she said. “He really got into the role. He even got up first thing in the morning and took a really cold shower to get himself nice […]

  • Raven: Wolfenstein is "not a WWII game"

    Wolfenstein creative director Eric Biessman has told VG247 that Wolfenstein isn’t just another WWII shooter. In fact, according to the developer, it’s not a WWII game at all. We said: “Why should we be excited? This is just another ‘spooky’ WWII FPS, right?” Eric said: “There’s a lot to be excited about in Wolfenstein! The […]

  • Raven: Wolfenstein will show "what happens to a Nazi when he’s had too much to drink"

    Raven’s confirmed that this summer’s Wolfenstein is to feature drinking Nazis. The inclusion may now be seen as a “trend”: Return to Castle Wolfenstein allowed you to sneak up on a drunk Nazi in a cellar. Drinking and Nazis are going to be fused in a different way this time out, though. “I can’t promise […]

  • Wolfenstein - 15 shots of mental Nazis

    Nazis are brilliant. Yes, we’re aware there’s a pretty solid case for them not being that brilliant, but you know what we mean. These Gamespot screens of mad glowy Nazis are therefore doubly great, especially given the game itself is shaping up so well. Get out impressions here.

  • Rumour: Wolfenstein PC version dropped?

    Activision released a new trailer of Raven’s Wolfenstein this morning, and pretty damn sensational it looked too. One thing, though: there’s no PC or Games for Windows logo listed in the game’s platforms at the end. Eagle-eyed VG247 reader ShiroGamer spotted the omission, and it’s certainly true. Only 360 and PS3 are listed in the […]

  • Singularity gets shots from PC Action

    More scans from the latest PC Action popped up on Gamekyo this morning, showing new screens and art from Raven’s Q4 shooter, Singularity. The article’s in German, but there’s a great picture of some kind of radioactive ship there, so it’s come one, come all. The game’s set on a Soviet island, and involves nuclear […]

  • Raven's Singularity - first trailer

    Raven’s put out the first proper trailer of upcoming FPS Singularity, and, and you’d hope, it’s looking hot. The plot’s based on a Soviet experiment gone wrong. There’s a special suit and time-warping. It’s very pretty, no doubt. Out in the fourth quarter. Watch it after the break.

  • Singularity back-story teaser vids have power, intrigue

    Raven’s put out some new viral vids for Singularity, its Q4 Acti Blizz shooter. After the break. The Russians are covering things up. They’re zapping bits of metal and getting vapourised when they “increase power”. There’s an island. Or is there? Bottom line: hole in time and you get to shoot shit. There’s no gameplay […]

  • New X-Men Origins: Wolverine 360 screens look decent

    IGN has them. There are 16 in all and hand on heart Raven Software’s fantasy action movie tie-in actually looks pretty good. Activision will release the game for PS2, PS3, Nintendo DS, 360, PC, PSP and Wii in May. Through the link for the screens. By Mike Bowden

  • First X-Men Origins: Wolverine details now available at your local internet

    Ziff Davis ‘zine Electronic Gaming Monthly plans on unchaining the new Wolverine game in an upcoming issue, but the EGM staff dribbled out a few details to sate gamers’ appetites until the main event hits newsstands. The game, called X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is in development at Raven Software and promises “real-time in-game healing …an elegantly […]

  • Avary writing Wolfenstein movie "right now"

    According to this Eurogamer report, Roger Avary is currently working on the script to the long-delayed Wolfenstein movie. “With the writer’s strike it took so long to get underway and Roger Avary, the writer, had a commitment that was in line before working the Wolfenstein stuff, but I’ve recently been in contact with Roger and […]

  • New Wolfenstein movie and images emerge from QuakeCon

    After the break. We’re hot for this. Supernatural shooters don’t work unless they have Nazis in them, and there are more Nazis here than a double-putsch. A man says, “Welcome to the new Reich” at the end, which made all our hair stand on end. Watch it. Before it watches you. There are some new […]

  • First Wolfenstein teaser trailer posted, first shots

    The movie’s on Shacknews, and it looks bloody amazing if you ask us. Nazis, green glowing stuff, Nazis, zombies and Nazis. Nothing will go wrong with this. See for yourself. IGN has the first proper screens, as well.

  • Wolfenstein: First official details, "team objective gameplay," more

    Activision just confirmed that Wolfenstein is to be shown in LA this week, and gave first official details on the Raven game. The shooter will have “class-based team objective gameplay with a full arsenal of conventional and supernatural weapons for addictive online warfare,” and “intense, story-driven combat. See below. Taken from a press release: From […]

  • More Wolfenstein scans posted

    Tiscali Games has them again, about half-way the down page. They look as grainy as the scans posted yesterday, funnily enough. Take a look. By Mike Bowden

  • First next-gen Wolfenstein scans posted

    On Tiscali Games. They’re not the best quality, which is a shame, but fans of Return to Castle Wolfenstein will be quaking in their boots. Not evidence of supernatural powers going on there, but nice lighting and Nazis is always a good start. Take a look.

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