Raphael Colantonio

Raphael Colantonio is stepping down as Arkane Studios’ co-director

Barely a month after Prey’s release, Arkane’s founder and co-director is moving on to new things.

Raphael Colantonio headlines

  • Dishonored-style games have "always been hard to sell"

    Dishonored is now considered a franchise, and that’s extremely validating for developer Arkane Studios, which championed the difficult genre through to critical and commercial success.

  • Dishonored's protagonist wasn't originally silent

    Dishonored’s sometimes stabby protagonist, Corvo, wasn’t initially designed to be mute, according to the game’s co-creator.

  • Dishonored to do right by its multiple platforms

    Dishonored dev, Arkane Studios, has implemented system-specific tweaks to ensure that whatever your choice of platform for its stealth-action assassination title, that platform will feel like home.

  • Dishonored PC won't use a console UI

    Although Arkane Studios has its share of passionate console gamers, its heart lies with the PC – which is why the PC release of Dishonored has its own user interface rather than sharing one with the control-pad friendly console versions.

  • Dishonored allows pure stealth, no-kill approach

    Arkane Studios’ latest, Dishonored, allows for entirely pacifist playthroughs – but the way you play the game changes the world around you, for good and ill.

  • Arkane: FPS games like Dishonored were at one time a hard sell to publishers

    Arkane Studios co-founder Raphaël Colantonio and creative director Harvey Smith recently chatted with AusGamers about the studio’s upcoming release for Bethesda, Dishonored, and both feel there is plenty of room on shelves for the first-person shooter alongside those based on military conquest.

  • Dishonored shots and video interview released

    A developer interview hosted by CVG has been released, featuring Arkane’s Raphael Colantonio chatting about the firm’s new game, Dishonored. The game has one hell of a team behind it, with alumni’s from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Deus Ex and Half Life 2, so it’s bound to be interesting. The video is posted […]

  • Arkane: We were more "dependent" than "independent"

    At Quakecon yesterday, Bethesda announced during the opening keynote its parent company Zenimax had acquired Arkane Studios; something which the Arkane’s CEO and co-creative director Raphael Colantonio welcomes because “it’s not fun to be independent”.