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  • All the RAGE? Reviews go live for id’s post-apoc shooter

    With RAGE’s midnight US launches done and dusted, reviews have gone live, showing a strong average with a few notable down-marks. Get all the scores here.

  • Id: Player freedom is "not the point" of Rage

    Id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead has said Rage’s linearity isn’t a flaw, as the game isn’t supposed to be an open world sandbox.

  • RAGE ready to be pre-loaded on Steam and D2D

    Those who have pre-ordered or pre-purchased RAGE through Direct2Drive or Steam can now pre-load the game. This should get all those prerequisite files out of the way which serve as a preamble to your game, cutting down on your installation time with prechecks and the like. Okay. I’m all out of words I can use […]

  • Final gameplay video for RAGE takes you into Jackal Canyon

    Bethesda has released one final gameplay video for RAGE before it’s release, and it’s called: Jackal Canyon: Recover the Decrypter. In it, the Resistance has heard rumors of an Ark surfacing in Jackal Valley, and you are tasked with searching the site for a data decrypter, which is apparently very valuable. Finding it won’t be […]

  • Willits: New IP creation needs to be considered a franchise from day one

    Tim Willits, id Software’s creative director, holds the belief that when creating a new IP, a developer should think of it as a franchise from the moment it’s conceived.

  • The RAGE Anarchy Edition - video shows what you get

    Bethesda’s put out a video of RAGE’s Anarchy Edition today, showing what big spenders can expect from the bumped up version. You automatically get this pack when you pre-order, so get on it: the game’s out on October 4 in the US and October 7 in Europe. Check out the footage below.

  • All the Rage: An Evening with id Software in Sydney

    To celebrate id Software’s 20th Birthday, Bethesda booked out the Sydney Opera House. Toby McCasker dusted off the top and tails to hear what creative director Tim Willits had to say.

  • RAGE will "change the perception" of id Software

    The imminent release of RAGE, id Software’s first new IP in yonks, may change how you think about the developer.

  • RAGE: Willits explains why PS3 has an 8GB install, why 360 has multiple discs

    During a chat with Digital Foundry regarding design, dev culture, and tech, creative director of id Software Tim Willits explained why there would be an 8GB install of RAGE on PS3, and why the Xbox 360 version comes on three discs.

  • EG Expo: Willits celebrates 20 years of id - Read what happened

    id’s celebrating 20 years of existance this year. To celebrate, RAGE boss Tim Willits will give a talk on the studio here at Eurogamer. Get all the details live below.

  • RAGE to have lengthy single-player campaign, plenty of diversity

    RAGE design director Matt Hooper has said when developing the game, the team at id Software originally focused on creating the single-player mode, and as time progressed, they found it would be even more fun if co-op were added.

  • Eurogamer Expo 2011 - Showfloor video, every game

    Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Modern Warfare 3, Counter-Strike, Uncharted 3, RAGE, Skyrim and more is on the EG Expo 2011 showfloor today. See for yourself.

  • id: "A dozen or so," sources inspired the look and feel of RAGE

    RAGE design director Matt Hooper has said id Software chose the Wastelands as a setting for the game, because the environment’s style was something the team had in common has far as individual tastes.

  • id's Hollenshead: Developing multi-plat enables for richer game experiences

    id boss Todd Hollenshead has said developing on multiple platforms has enabled the studio to give more richer experiences within its game than it would have been able to if developing on just PC.

  • Quick Quotes: id's Willits on lightening up with RAGE

    “It was definitely a conscious decision for id to move away from that dark corridor setting. We didn’t want to follow the same formula. When you’re inside RAGE’s missions, they’re very classic id. But the technology allowed us to really move out of that and let our artists be artists.” – Tim Willits, creative director […]

  • RAGE TV Spot features shooting, explosions, enemies, Perfect Circle

    id Software and Bethesda have released the TV Spot for RAGE, which features the A Perfect Circle track Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums. Double awesome. The tv advert first aired during the Michigan versus Notre Dame game on September 10. RAGE will be released on PC and consoles October […]

  • RAGE gets first co-op video

    Bethesda’s taken the wraps off the first gameplay footage from the co-op segment of RAGE, Wasteland Legends – seemingly renamed from Legends of the Wasteland when we seen it in Utah back in April. The video shows the level in Wellspring, where bandits try to destroy its water supply, which is where you and a […]

  • RAGE system requirements are meaty

    Bethesda’s dropped details of the system requirements in RAGE, listing minimum and recommended specs. You’re probably gonna need a big, big rig to power the id shooter, which is the developer’s first new IP in 15 years. Get them below, via the Bethesda Blog. Game’s out on October 4 in the US and October 7 […]

  • Rage gets a lengthy cameo on Breaking Bad

    Taking a momentary break from its methamphetamine-focused storylines, a recent episode of Breaking Bad featured this relatively long sequence of Jesse Pinkman playing id Software’s Rage.

  • id's Willits on why "DLC’s important" for RAGE

    RAGE creative director Tim Willits has said just because id Software is almost finished with developing the game, doesn’t mean there isn’t quite a bit of work left to do before it releases.

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