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Radio 1 listeners crown CoD4 as “favourite game”

Call of Duty 4 has topped a Radio 1 poll to find its listener’s favourite game. Football Manager 2009 came second, with Final Fantasy VII taking third. The vote was actually from a list compiled by a list of journos from the UK media, including Eurogamer’s Johnny Minkley and CVG’s Gavin Ogden. Get the full […]

Radio 1 headlines

  • Radio 1 - "Gaming can be force for social good"

    Radio 1 games chap Johnny Minkley’s claimed the old stereotype of gaming as the preserve of apathetic children could obscure the truth that the medium can be a “force for social good”. “As long as we think of gamers as spotty, slack-jawed boys in dark rooms, then we’ll be blind to what gaming can be […]

  • Radio 1 getting Big Gaming Weekend

    Radio 1’s announced a Big Gaming Weekend, including Eurogamer’s own Johnny Minkley. It’s taking place over the UK Bank Holiday, from May 22-25, and will feature “gaming themed content from reviews, to soundtracks, DJ leaderboards and a poll to find the best game ever.” Full details after the break.