Radiant Red

New Brit PSP colours – arty shots released

The new Mystic Silver, Pearl White and Radiant Red PSPs, due for release in the UK in the coming months, have had some lovely photos taken of them by SCEE.After the break. They’re double awesome. Release details here.

12 years ago

Radiant Red headlines

  • PSP gets "carnival colors" in Japan

    Famitsu’s posted up some shots of “carnival” coloured PSPs, including Radiant Red, Vibrant Blue, Bright Yellow and Spirited Green.Spirited Green? No idea if these are going to make it west. These packs cost the usual 19,800 yen and hit retail on March 5.

    12 years ago
  • PSP to get Asian makeover

    Siliconera reports that SCEA (Asia) is releasing “Radiant Red” and “Vibrant Blue” PSPs.The new models will cost $1,380 Hong Kong Dollars (approx. €130) and will almost definitely never ever leave Eastern shores so you can look,. but you can’t touch.Bit more through the link.Thanks, Kotaku.By Mike Bowden

    12 years ago