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Quick shots – Skyrim concept art depicts people and places

Bethesda has released a slew of concept artwork ahead of the launch of its eagerly anticipated RPG epic The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The images consist mostly of characters and locations but also pictured is several hunks of meat that you’ll be tucking into during the game for sustenance. Tasty.

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  • Quick Shots - Metro: Last Light screens are gorgeously bleak

    Shots from both underground and overground environments feature sumptuous lighting with nary a Womble in sight.

  • Quick Shots - The Secret World, Burton-esque fantasy with guns

    A clutch of screens from the not-so-secret MMO show off elements of dark fantasy with people armed to the teeth. And a vicious looking tree.

  • Quick Shots: Borderlands 2 shows off its style

    A handful of shots have surfaced of Gearbox Software’s 2K published sequel. The shots show the stylising synonymous with the Borderlands brand and include what appears to be a gorgeous looking in-game, first-person shot. The game is due for release on PC, 360 and PS3 in Take-Two’s fiscal year 2013 – which places it somewhere […]

  • Quick Shots: SSX Psymon, character renders, comic art

    He may spell his name in a ludicrous manner but he’s pretty handy with a snowboard. Check out action shots of Psymon, and character renders and art from the SSX comic below. Game’s out next year for PS3 and 360.

  • Quick Shots: Need for Speed: World shows off Porsche 959 and Treasure Hunt

    EA has released six new shots of its free-to-play online racer to show off Treasure Hunt mode – designed to help players earn in-game currency – and a Porsche 959 – designed to help players spend it. The update comes as NFS: World celebrates its one-year anniversary.

  • Quick Shots: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

    Another Olympic Games, another SEGA tie-in. Everybody’s favourite plumber and most beloved hedgehog are indeed headed to London for the 2012 games, and we’ve got some new art assets from the game to show just what’s in store.

  • Quick shots: Dynasty Warriors 7's story mode

    The guys over at Tecmo Koei have just released a bunch of new screenshots for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 7, the latest release in the cathartic hack and slash series set in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. Check out the gallery with all 22 screenshots below. The game releases for […]