Quantum Theory will release “later in 2010”

In a statement just issued to VG247, Tecmo Koei’s confirmed that Quantum Theory will still release this year, despite being delayed from its previous March date and slapped with an ominous “TBA” overnight.

11 years ago

Quantum headlines

  • Tecmo releases some lovely assets for Quantum

    Tecmo has released some screens for its third-person shooter Quantum, due on PS3 in 2010.Some may look familiar to you, some may not. Either way, you may wish to have a look regardless.It looks very “Gearsy”.Kotaku has ’em.

    12 years ago
  • Quantum video shows loads of shooting, moving towers

    Tecmo has released a video for its upcoming Gears inspired shooter, Quantum and it’s posted after the break.The third-person action game is set in a world being consumed by the growth of towers and Syd and Filena, must destroy these towers to save the world.While both characters team together to perform combo attacks, Syd uses […]

    12 years ago