Quake Live back up after seven hour downtime

Somewhere in the world, somebody had the free time and the inclination to play Quake Live, and they were seriously disappointed. Rejoice, free-to-fraggers: your world is restored.

10 years ago

Quakelive headlines

  • id adds new QuakeLive levels for paying subs

    Freemium Quake III browser remake QuakeLive got four new maps today, but only to those that pay.

    10 years ago
  • Sign up for Quake Live, experience Premium service for free until Sept. 26

    id has announced that starting today, anyone who signs up for Quake Live can get the Premium subscription membership benefits for free until September 26.

    10 years ago
  • Premium service coming to QuakeLive, Carmack confirms

    John Carmack just confirmed that a premium, subs-based service is on the way to QuakeLive.The free-to-play shooter isn’t supportable on ad revenue alone, the developer said.The game’s not in danger, Carmack assured, and it’s not a failure.He said it would probably never become a completely non-free service.JC was speaking in the Quakecon 2009 press conference. […]

    11 years ago
  • DOOM, Rage and Bethesda games snapped on Quakecon stage

    We’ve received the first image of the Quakecon stage as it’s being set up, and it looks as though we may be getting a look at something DOOM-related tonight.The DOOM logo’s on the banners at the side of the main stage for today’s event, as are Brink, Fallout 3, Rage, Wolfenstein, QuakeLive and Rage.Looks like […]

    11 years ago