Quake III

Wolfenstein RPG for iPhone is ready, being held back by EA

Wolfenstein RPG for iPhone has been ready to launch for quite some time, but EA wanted Wolfenstein 3D to have its time in the spotlight all by itself for a while first.“I was disappointed that EA decided to sit on it, but they kinda freaked out when I did the Wolfenstein 3D Classic, as it […]

12 years ago

Quake III headlines

  • Doom: Resurrection hits iPhone today, Quake III "no problem at all"

    John Carmack’s told MTV – via PocketGamer – that the first three Quake games are on the way to iPhone.“There’s no doubt that we’ll go through Quake and Quake 2,” he said.“I can probably manage to do Quake 3 on the conventional iPhone platform, if Apple winds up addressing just a few things in their […]

    12 years ago