Qantm open day for May 25

Multimedia education outfit Qantm has confirmed that its next open day will be May 25.For more information on courses and the day itself, see here.Qantm offers stuff like 3D Animation; Graphic Design, Games Design + Programming; Web Development and Game Audio courses, all beginning in September this year.Press release after the link.

13 years ago

Qantm headlines

  • Qantm game and animation degrees validated by Middlesex University

    “Multimedia education” outfit Qantm has annnounced that two of its courses have been validated by Middlesex University and will be available from 2008 at the company’s facilities in London and Oxford.The two courses are: BA Hons Interactive Animation (progression of 3D Animation diploma) BSc Hons Games Programming (progression of Game Design + Development diploma) Which […]

    13 years ago