Pure headlines

  • Rumor: Picture of Xbox 360 Elite holiday bundle leaked

    An insider who shall remain nameless – because Jostiq won’t tell – has sent the site a picture of a rumored Xbox 360 Elite holiday bundle. As you can see by the picture, it has Pure and LEGO Batman with it, along with a rather uninteresting slogan: “It’s More Fun Time on Xbox 360”. We’ll […]

  • P.U.R.E. to support GLSL Shaders in next update

    Wolfe Games has finished GLSL-based normal maps and depth maps, and P.U.R.E. (Purify Unify Reclaim Exterminate) will be utilizing them in the next release of the game, dubbed version 1.3. “This is a feature that we’ve been working on for nearly six months, with the coders from the Spring Engine. Normal maps and other shaders […]

  • Mirror's Edge time trial DLC for free on PS3

    TheSixthAxis has noticed that the time trial DLC levels for Mirror’s Edge has now actually gone down in price on the UK PlayStation Store, from £7 to £0. Translation: it’s now free. We just checked and it is indeed true. However, for any 360 owners hoping for the same, its not. The content’s still at […]

  • List of GDC Europe speakers starts to thicken up

    Initial speakers for GDC Europe 2009 were announced this morning for the August event in Cologne, Germany. Taking place August 17-19 at the Cologne Congress East Center in Germany, the first set of speakers and their subject matter are as follows: Flower – Design Postmortem by ThatGameCompany’s Kellee Santiago. Surviving Project Cancellation in the Economic […]

  • Black Rock Studios says racing genre is “dying”, Split/Second will save it

    Black Rock Studios’ Tony Beckwith has told Develop that the racing genre is “dying out” and the firm’s new title Split/Second will save it. “If you look at the sales figures, the racing genre is, in many respects, dying out,” said Beckwith. “Take Mario Kart out of the equation and the genre is in a […]

  • Pure PC demo released

    According to Blue, Disney’s put out a PC demo of ATV racer, Pure. There’s lots of link there to get it from, and the file weighs in at 1.9Gb. May as well try it: it’s actually good.

  • Pure: Sequel and DLC under consideration

    Black Rock director Jason Avent has told VG247 that the studio hopes to extend ATV racer Pure into another game, and that DLC for the first title may well be on the way. “I hope so,” he said when asked if a sequel was on the cards. “We have loads of ideas and bits of […]

  • Pure boss: Colour difference between 360 and PS3 is comparable to a "good LCD from a Plasma"

    Speaking to VG247 today, Pure director Jason Avent said that the differences between PS3 and 360 were comparable to the differences between LCD and Plasma TVs. “Their final render hardware seems to produce slightly different results in terms of how colours are represented and one is often softer than the other but it’s really only […]

  • IGN gives Pure 8.6/10

    IGN’s posted its review of Disney ATV racer Pure, giving it a substantial 8.6/10. Snip: Pure delivers an outrageous, arcadey off-road racing experience with style and slickness. The controls are intuitive, the tracks are pure eye candy and the tricks are so crazy and over-the-top that you’ll find yourself gasping with glee when you land […]

  • Disney releases Pure character art

    Destructoid’s carrying a load of character art from Disney’s ATV racing game, Pure. The game’s demo was released last week to universal acclaim, marking it as one to watch for later this year. Take a look.

  • Pure 360-PS3 comparison movie posted

    Eurogamer.pt’s posted up a comparison video of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Pure. Not much in it, obviously, apart from the colour pallete, maybe. Differences aside, the ATV racer looks excellent, and we’re starting to get nudges that this may very well be one to watch. You can get demos on both PSN […]

  • Pure demo hits Live

    So says the Major. Blurb: [ESRB: E (Everyone) MILD VIOLENCE] PURE is an action sports trick racing game that features vertigo-inducing massive aerial jumps and spectacular airborne tricks in photo-realistic real-world locations all over the globe. Get it. Why wouldn’t you?

  • Pure demos for Live and PSN this Thursday

    According to this Eurogamer piece, demos of Disney’s Pure will be up on Live and PSN this Thursday. The quad-bike racer certainly looks the business, so it’ll be good to see whether or not it can do the do. More through the link.

  • Pure soundtrack confirmed

    Kotaku’s posted the Pure soundtrack, and, yet again, it includes a gigantic amount of stuff we’ve never heard of. Apart from Wolfmother. Of which we couldn’t name any of their music. But whatever. Cool, huh? Daddio? Read the list through the link.

  • Pure demo in September

    A playable demo of Disney’s Pure will be made available on Live and PSN in September. However, if you can’t wait, Destructoid reports that a pre-order demo disc will be available from retailers tomorrow, though we assume that’s US only. The off road, high-jumping racer is due for a September 16 release and it is […]

  • New Pure shots posted

    SI could be bothered to download and post more than 250Mb of Pure screenshots. More flying quad bikes than you could ever need. Take a look.

  • New Pure movie shows big CG

    A new movie here of Disney quad racer Pure, hitting PC, PS3 and 360 this autumn. There’s some new CG in there that gives a good idea that this may well be competition-free at the end of year. We certainly haven’t seen much else like it planned for 2008. Take a look.

  • First Pure footage shows monster jumping action

    Here. You have to watch it in CVG’s shit-house movie player, but them’s the breaks. Pure’s the recently announced first title from Brighton-based Black Rock since it was taken over by Disney. All told, it looks proper wicked, man. No, seriously, it does look good. Plenty more on this soon.

  • Disney Brighton announces Pure racer

    Disney’s racing studio – Black Rock, based in Brighton, UK – just gave official word of its first big game since being taken over by the US giant. Titled Pure, the game will feature “launching off massive peaks while racing against skilled rivals and performing gravity-defying aerial tricks” and is described as an “extreme sports […]