GDC: Nintendo president keynote live here at 9.00am PST today

GDC 2009 gets going properly this morning with the first big keynote, being delivered at 9.00am PST by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.To be absolutely clear: that’s 9.00am PST, 4.00pm GMT and 5.00pm CET. Steph will be in the hall liveblogging the entire thing for VG247. It will last one hour.Speculation is already running hot as […]

12 years ago

Pumped headlines

  • Loads of photos from Games Convention posted

    Right. We’re pumped. Gamekyo’s posted a ton of pictures from Games Convention, and we’re pretty much excited about getting over to Germany tomorrow. Our schedule’s stacked, we have a hotel room that isn’t 400 miles away and we’ve got some great stuff to see, so keep a close eye on the site this week for […]

    12 years ago