Public Beta

Sony accepting sign-ups for Resistance 2 public beta

By way of super-secret PlayStation Underground email, Sony has put out a call for Chimera-hating, multiplayer-loving beta testers. Simply go here, sign-in with your PSN account, and F5 your inbox until Sony drops you a line.Registration will only be available for “a very limited time,” but we already signed up, so there’s nothing for you […]

12 years ago

Public Beta headlines

  • Killzone 2 public beta "later this year," journo invites sent out by SCEE

    Oh, good gravy! SCEE’s sent out journalist invites to a Killzone 2 public beta this afternoon, which will apparently take place “later this year.”No specifics are available as yet, but we’re fucking pumped. We’re so pumped. We’ve supplied all the information we’ve been asked for and we’re waiting to hear on the dates now.Pumped.

    12 years ago